51 Ways to Improve Networking Results

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There are many things to remember when networking: A big smile and eye contact, your elevator (or escalator!) speech, breath mints…the list goes on. Well, how about 51 more things to keep in mind? Many sales development Web sites and blogs have featured this list, which was written by speaker/trainer/author Scott Ginsberg, and for good reason. Ginsberg lists 51 actions that can maximize networking opportunities. Here are a few from the list: #2. No matter where you go – the mall, church, out to dinner, the gym – make sure you’re carrying at least five of your business cards. #11. Email articles of interest, links or other cool stuff OF VALUE (not spam) to people you’ve met. #25. Every time you meet someone, write the letters HICH on their business card: how I can help. Then think of five ways to do so. #47. Come to every networking event with three great questions ready to go. Be sure they begin with, “What’s the one thing?”, “What’s your favorite?”, and “What was the best part about?”. To read the entire list, and even suggest some of your own ideas to Ginsberg, check out his Web site.

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