66.5% Using Android Devices, Apps

BY Courtney Huckabay
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Consumer app revenue is projected to grow from more than $30 billion now to $75 billion in three years. Games accounted for approximately 3/​4ths of global app revenue in 2014, Digi-​Capital reports, and Android surpassed iOS revenue for the first time. Mobile ad spend could top $85 billion by 2018, according to "Mobile internet to be worth more than Apple by 2018."

"Last year mobile advertising was the little brother to in-​app purchases and paid apps, but Facebook and others have begun to change the balance in advertising‰Ûªs favor. Mobile ad spend could top $85 billion by 2018, growing at a faster rate than mCommerce to pass in-​app purchases and paid apps revenue,"åÊaccording to Digi-Capital's blog post.

"Mobile advertising will remain a market where America dominates because of the higher spend by American advertisers. American mobile ad spend will be higher than China, Japan and South Korea combined by 2018. As mobile advertising becomes increasingly native, the gap between mobile usage and mobile ad spend share is closing rapidly."

"Consumer apps revenue will grow from over $30 billion in 2014 to $75 billion by 2018. Games took around 3/​4ths of global app revenues in 2014, when Android passed iOS revenue for the first time. Higher growth rates across sectors other than games could drive non-​games revenue share to almost half by 2018. App-​as-​a-​Service subscription models are also supplementing the in-​app purchase model for dominant free apps."

"Smartphone sales growth is slowing to less than 10% annually to 2018, and mobile networks saw just 5% growth in the last decade. Digi-​Capital now forecasts almost 3x revenue growth from $300 billion last year to $850 billion by 2018."

"Despite huge scale and growth, mobile is still evolving," the Digi-​Capital post says. "mCommerce remains the primary engine of growth. Mobile advertising is set to leapfrog in-​app purchases to move from third to second place in the revenue hierarchy by 2018, as app developers re-​balance their business models to capture new opportunities. Enterprise mobility growth continues, although not as fast as the consumer market."

These stats will come in handy as you sell mobile ads to your clients. But it's also helpful to know more about the people using the popular Android apps! AudienceSCAN research finds that 41% of AmericansåÊprimarily are using Android phones, and 25.5% are using Android tablets, so it's definitely worth getting in front of this audience. Right in line with Digi-​Capital findings, Android App Users love playing video games (36%) and working with technology/​gadgets (24%). 32.5% of Android fans took action from mobile smartphone app ads or text message ads they received in the past 30 days! And 27% took action after seeing Internet banner ads in the past month!

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