More Than 80% of Consumers to Spend Same or More on Travel in 2011

According to a new survey from Travel Leaders, travel is expected to rebound in 2011 as "people either feel more stable in their situations or decide they can't wait any longer to take a needed vacation," according to Roger E. Block, CTC, president of Travel Leaders Franchise Group.

Based on current bookings so far for 2011 and conversations with clients, more than 88% of Travel Leaders surveyed say clients will spend the same or more on travel in 2011.  (Spending more per trip than in 2010 = 50.1%; spending the same per trip as in 2010 = 38.2%.)  Based on actual booking data, the 2011 Travel Trends Survey includes responses from 547 Travel Leaders owners, managers and frontline travel experts throughout the United States.

Results from a separate survey conducted by Travel Ticker mirrored the optimism in the Travel Leaders survey, as 87% of respondents intend to take the same or more leisure vacations in 2011. In addition, when asked if they would fit more travel into 2011 if good deals were available, 94% of respondents answered yes.

For the second year in a row, 18 to 30-​year-​olds spearhead the move to take more leisure trips in 2011:

  • Out of all respondents, 48% of 18 to 30-​year-​olds said they plan on taking more leisure trips in 2011 than the previous year.
  • Following closely behind 18 to 30-​year-​olds are 65+ year-​olds. 42% of respondents age 65 and older plan on taking more leisure trips in 2011.
  • Of all respondents, only six percent said they plan on traveling less in 2011. 48% of these respondents cited their economic situation as a hindrance.

Better economic situation and more free time listed as top reasons for more leisure trips in 2011:

  • 30% of all respondents said that they believe that their current economic situation will improve in the new year, resulting in the benefit of being able to travel more in 2011.  In addition, 31% of respondents said that they planned on traveling more in 2011 due to an increase in free time.

Given a good deal, almost all would fit in more leisure travel:

  • 94% of all respondents agreed that if they found a good deal, they would find a way to fit in more leisure travel in 2011. While many consumers believe that they will be more financially stable in 2011, they are still on the lookout for heavy discounts, travel perks and incentives to inspire their travel. In fact, 66% of those polled went so far as to say that they would be comfortable being spontaneous when it came to travel, letting the deal be their inspiration for planning upcoming trips.
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