80% of Men Now Using Scented Products

The 2014 Men’s FragranceTrack Report from NPD shows 80% of men use scented products. Those who use cologne are also likely to use scented body products. Men have grown comfortable buying these products for themselves and are open to new fragrances. Their purchase decisions are influenced by a number of factors including price and the preferences of their romantic partners for a specific scent.

Nearly 80 percent of men who make fragrance purchases plan to do so ahead of time, and two-​thirds of them also know what brand they plan to purchase according to the 2014 Men’s FragranceTrack Report issued by The NPD Group, Inc.

Men pay close attention to their fragrance usage, especially when they need to restock their scent of choice — six in 10 men’s purchases are for replenishment reasons. The need to replenish, along with in-​store influencers, and price, are the top motivators behind men’s fine fragrance purchases. While most men report their fragrance usage is the same as a year ago, some men did increase consumption. Reasons for doing so include: finding a better liked fragrance, a new grooming routine, and the fragrance being liked by a partner.

Men have clearly demonstrated their interest in using and experiencing fragrance, and the fact that they pay attention to when their supplies are running low is very telling,” said Karen Grant, vice president and global beauty industry analyst, The NPD Group, Inc. “However, as much as brand loyalty is important, experimenting and stepping outside of the box is also crucial for industry growth.”

Almost all men report fragrance usage, with eight out of 10 men using some type of scented product, and nearly all of fine fragrance users also using scented body products. The most desired characteristic for scented body products is a subtle, light scent, followed by a good value. More than 50 percent of male consumers purchase a large-​sized fine fragrance because it offers the best value. These incentives are also similar among men who use both scented products and a fine fragrance.

Men are an influential and critical part of the fragrance industry. Younger men are a prime example of the well-​rounded fragrance user, since they are the group most willing to experiment with different fragrances,” added Grant. “It’s important for retailers to learn from this, and find ways to not only attract new users, but to also build upon their current following — further peaking consumer’s interest and encouraging them to find their specific scents for every mood, season, and occasion.”

About 29% of cologne shoppers go to a shopping center at least once a week while another 15% visit these destinations 2–3 times a week. These visit rates are significantly higher than average. Nearly 25% of these audience members strongly agree that they don't mind paying more for high quality products, a detail that should give cologne marketers reason to increase their promotions. In addition, over 80% of cologne shoppers agree or strongly agree that they support companies which sponsor a favorite sports team. Cologne marketers may be able to increase sales by promoting their sponsorships.

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Kathy Crosett
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