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28% of decision makers say that “a testimonial from a satisfied customer can influence my buying decision if it seems credible”

Selling to SMBs Study, 2019, SalesFuel

C. Lee Smith September 27, 2020

59% of SMB decision makers say they have researched a salesperson online before they met with them. It's "how customers see you before you see them."

Selling to SMBs Study, 2019, SalesFuel

C. Lee Smith September 27, 2020

45% of SMB decision makers prefer to be contacted by salespeople between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m.

Selling to SMBs, SalesFuel, 2019

C. Lee Smith May 21, 2019

Being pushy is the fastest way to lose a deal, say 38% of SMB decision makers

Selling to SMBs, SalesFuel, 2019

C. Lee Smith May 20, 2019


55% of Decision Makers Use Thought-Leadership Content to Vet Businesses

Are you still having trouble convincing your B2B clients that they need to develop thought-leadership content? They may be hesitating because they don’t understand the kind of impact this content can have on their bottom line. Here is some data to help you change their minds.


How to Ace the Sale to the C‑Level Decision Maker

Buyers in the c‑suite didn’t get to their positions by making ill-informed decisions. If you want to impress the guy who sits behind the giant custom-made desk, you’ll need to bring more than your winning smile to the meeting.


Finding the elusive decision maker. Then what?

Jeffrey, I speak with many people in organizations that want you to think they are the decision maker when in fact they are not. I have wasted too many emails and follow up on people that can’t help. How do you ask without hurting the relationship you may have built?

45% of SMB decision-makers want to do business with reps that "provide relevant ideas to help my business"

Selling to SMBs Study, 2019, SalesFuel

C. Lee Smith September 27, 2020

Millennial Decision-Makers

Develop the Perfect Pitch for Millennial Decision-Makers

Millennials aren’t the young kids who are still college age and below. For one, millennials are now between the ages of 40 and 24 and, according to Lestraundra Alfred, writing for HubSpot, they are the most populace generation in America with 73 million+ people falling within this age group. It’s about time they’re taken seriously.


Sell Smarter — Episode 23 — Millennial Decision-Makers

The decision maker is a millennial. WHAT NOW?!?

Selling to Millennial Decision Makers white paper from SalesFuel

White Paper: Selling to Millennial Decision-Makers

Members of the first digital generation are increasingly showing up in the C‑suite. In fact, today’s B2B buyer is more likely to be a millennial.

In this sales enablement white paper, you’ll discover that although every millennial is different, new research from SalesFuel’s Selling to SMBs study finds this generation has tendencies that are significantly different from their predecessors. You’ll discover how the buying process differs, the importance of marketing and social media, which salesperson behaviors can make the sale – and which will kill a sale — with this new generation of decision-makers.


Sell Smarter 17: Smarter Decision-Maker Identification

According to King of Sales Jeffrey Gitomer, one of the biggest sales barriers is identifying the real decision-maker. Deb Calvert, President of People First Productivity Solutions, agrees. These sales pros share two questions to help find who you should be making your sales pitches to without damaging your potential sale.

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