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Jeff Piersall on the Manage Smarter podcast from SalesFuel

Manage Smarter 118 — Jeff Piersall: Course Correction During the Chaos of Coronavirus

Jeff Piersall is known as The Chaos Coach. A former high school and college basketball coach, Jeff is an entrepreneur than has recently exited his business and now specializes in M&A activity for small cap businesses. He is also the author of Dogs Don't Bark at Parked Cars. In this episode, we discuss: How to Course Correct in a Crisis; Knee jerk reactions vs. course corrections; Money and opportunities to pursue amid the pandemic; and How businesses can be more agile and pivot during the crisis.


How to Succeed as a Chaos Coach

Have you caught your breath yet? If not, start centering yourself and prepare for your role as a chaos coach when conducting business as unusual for the foreseeable future.