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How Managers Keep Remote Worker Productivity High

The latest Gallup data indicates that up to 43% of employees do at least some of their work remotely. Increasingly, managers don’t understand how to keep remote worker productivity high.

Companies to Promote Remote Work Opportunities to Potential Employees

The drive to work may be driving some professionals to quit, suggests new research from global staffing firm Robert Half. More than one in five employees (23%) have left a job because of a bad commute.

Manage Smarter 41: Remote Employees — How Do You Know What's REALLY Going On?

Dayne Shuda is the owner of Ghost Blog Writers and a remote employee expert. His company provides blog writers and currently has a network of 60 freelance writers in the United States and several also in Canada, UK and Australia. In episode 41, we discuss: how to test prospective employees to see if they’re equipped for remote work, methods to keep communication tone understandable and workflow cohesive, and red flags that a remote employee is tanking.

Home Security Customers Buying More Remote-Control Cameras and Automated Window Treatments

Joseph Giannone Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, a family-owned home service company with an A+ rating by the BBB, recommends utilizing smart home automation features before leaving for vacation. Owner Joseph Giannone says, "When the home is left vacant, utilities and overall security can remain a concern. Fortunately, smart home technology continues to advance and can provide real solutions for to put vacationers at ease."

Are Your Remote Teams Feeling The Love?

Appreciation at Work polled employees and managers who either work remotely or manage others who are in a different location. Almost all (98%) of the respondents said, “Yes, it is possible to effectively communicate appreciation to colleagues who work remotely."

How to Crush Your Goals When Working Remote

If you're like many sales reps, you may be working remote some or all of the time. You might be worried you won't make quota or get the credit you deserve when you bring on a new client. If so, follow these tips for success

Do You Emulate The Behaviors of The Best Managers?

Are you an ace manager? Do you emulate the behavior of the best managers?

Finding The Right Person Is Hard, Here’s How To Keep That New Hire

We all make mistakes; I know I do! And when mistakes happen, I own up to them and view them as learning experiences.

Increased Loneliness in the Workplace Is a Wake-up Call for Managers

As a society, we are more connected than ever before. But people everywhere complain of loneliness in the workplace.

50% of Marketers to Increase CTV Advertising This Year

Consumers continue to watch plenty of TV and that includes connected TV. That’s why so many marketers will increase CTV advertising this year.

Kathy Crosett January 24, 2020 Media + Marketing

Are Your Employee Appreciation Programs Making A Difference?

Managers and leaders spend a lot of time obsessing about their recognition programs. In many organizations, a percentage of the budget is set aside for this purpose

Retailers to Emphasize Features of Big-Screen TVs

"We’re fast approaching the holiday shopping season, when you can expect to find lots of high-quality TVs for sale at great prices, says Consumer Reports. In 2019, those deals may look particularly attractive if you’re hankering for a big television."

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