A Metaphor To Make You Think

LEADSExplorer, a blog devoted to online lead generation, recently posted a little metaphor that made me smile. It may have been posted elsewhere or perhaps even adapted to other professions, but this was my first time ever hearing of the jar metaphor in regards to sales. After reading the post, I appreciated the power of the metaphor to generate thought and introspection, as well as the lesson that we shouldn't always chalk up our success to one thing. The following is from LEADSExplorer's post, "The Jar of Luck and The Jar of Experience of the Salesman": Any salesman starting in a new business has 2 jars: — The Jar of Luck — The Jar of Experience At the start, the Jar of Luck is full, whereas the Jar of Experience is empty. With every deal won or lost, some experience is added to the Jar of Experience. Every time the Jar of Luck is being used in order to close a sale, a bit of luck is taken out of this jar. It cannot be denied that luck often plays an important role in success. Still, all success will require hard work too. At one moment in time the Jar of Luck will become empty, and then the Salesman needs to rely solely upon his experience that he has collected over the years in The Jar of Experience. If he hasn't collected any or little experience, he will fail to do business. Once he starts failing repeatedly, he will get less confidence in his selling skills and his luck will run out. Thus don't use up your Jar of Luck too quickly, and build up your experience in order to be confident and not to run out of luck too early.

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