AA-​ISP Workshop: How to Promote from Within to Fill Open Sales Positions

BY C. Lee Smith
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Filling open sales positions by recruiting quality talent from outside has always been a challenge, but even more so today. So why not turn your talent search inward — toward those who already believe in your company?

In this insightful webinar, SalesFuel CEO and author of the bestseller "Hire Smarter, Sell More!,” C. Lee Smith, will reveal the tactics necessary to identify and recruit high-​potentials from within.

Watch this discussion of:

  • The single worst thing you can do when filling open positions
  • What to look for and where to look for it
  • What's keeping the sales department from being attractive to internal candidates
  • What traits sales managers consider to be most important from SalesFuel's most recent Voice of the Sales Manager study
  • The Four Fits methodology and how to use it for hiring and promotion

Every open position is an opportunity to make your sales team better or worse. This workshop will be of great value to both sales managers and HR managers.

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