Account Exec Helps Turn Around Business using Targeted Advertising

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: New owners wary about advertising despite inheriting struggling dealership

A small-​town car dealership in Indiana was already in trouble when it changed ownership this past spring. The previous owners had left the company in shambles, having lost credibility with customers and having built a negative reputation in the community.

Beth Dock, an account executive for Comcast Spotlight, knew the new owner of the company before he bought the dealership. Back then, he did not see the value in Comcast Spotlight advertising, and so was hesitant to listen to Dock’s pitch. Luckily for Dock, this time around she came to the table armed with AdMall and the creative details that can enrich any sales pitch.

Solution: Show real-​life, targeted area data to the client 

Dock had been an AdMall user since her start in media sales in August 2017, so she was already familiar with its efficacy. For instance, she knew she could use AdMall’s Local Account Intelligence Reports and AudienceSCAN profiles to help narrow the advertiser’s focus to whom and where he should be advertising.

I find current, relevant and sourced data [in AdMall] that helps my storytelling ability,” said Dock. “I used car buying articles, intelligence profiles for auto service, auto buyers, spend by zip codes, media triggers, etc.”

Despite earlier reservations, it was AdMall data that ultimately got through to the owner. Specifically, he was impressed by a section of the Local Account Intelligence Report that shows the types of advertising that tend to get a response.

Result: A new campaign gives the tainted reputation a full rotation

Not only did Dock’s pitch result in nearly $47,000 worth of media advertising, but as a twofold benefit, it put the business back on the path toward reinstating confidence and rebuilding trust within the community. This shows just how effective AdMall can be for even one employee; Dock secured her place as a valuable associate by thinking outside the box and using the powerful consulting tools offered by AdMall.