Account Executive Saved Client, Increased Ad Spend with AdMall Intel

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Save a client that was trying to cancel

Kristen Robinson, an account executive of five years at Spectrum Reach, was facing a tough situation when tasked with having to save a client who came into the new year wanting to cancel their advertising campaign.

After a decline in new clients, this [assisted living facilities] client decided not to renew at the beginning of the year,” said Robinson.

Solution: Reapproach the client with new AdMall data

Robinson is no AdMall rookie, having won multiple Sell Smarter! awards over the last few years. With this experience at hand, Robinson turned to AdMall to save a client who wasn’t pleased with the results of their current advertising campaign. Could Robinson change the client’s mind and generate increased ad spend?

After seeing a decline in business, they came back to us, and we were prepared with data, resources, and Admall information,” said Robinson. “We showed them the Digital Audit report and Local Account Intelligence Report, putting together a proposal based on what we found in AdMall.”

Result: AE saved a client, increased ad spend

Not only was Robinson able to save a client on the verge of canceling, but she actually was also able to increase their annual contract, spending $50,000 for a streaming/​OTT campaign.

They were so impressed they came back signing an annual, spending more than last year,” said Robinson. “Now that’s what I call a win.”

AdMall’s Digital Audit will do a real-​time data capture of any client or prospect’s digital presence in less than a minute. Using real-​time big data to analyze the account’s activity and findability, the Digital Audit:

  • Lists digital advertising, local search, search engine optimization, social networking, and incoming website traffic
  • Provides a digital opportunity score directing you to the accounts with the most revenue potential for digital marketing services
  • Compares the account’s use of digital advertising to the customers who intend to buy what they’re selling in the next 12 months
  • Compares the account’s digital presence to their top local competitors
  • Does in 60 seconds what would take you 60 minutes to do by hand
  • Incorporates data into tablet-​optimized sales presentations in AdMall PRO

More About: Assisted Living Facilities

These businesses provide assisted living services for seniors and operate in the large senior care industry. These services are for those who wish to remain independent but still need some assistance with day-​to-​day living. Note that facilities do not provide skilled nursing care, which differentiates them from other businesses within the senior care industry. Facilities may be owned and operated by a single company care provider, managed as a fee-​based service by a care provider with capital backing, or leased by a manager/​operator from a financial institution.

Assisted living facilities are regulated, and the type of care and services that they can provide is determined on a state-​by-​state basis. Primary payment types are private pay, Medicaid and privately purchased long-​term care insurance.

The U.S. assisted living facility market size is valued at approximately $65 billion. Nearly 818,800 people live in assisted living facilities and nursing homes, which represents 0.2% of the U.S. population and 2% of U.S. seniors.

There are approximately 25,000 assisted living communities with nearly 1.2 million licensed beds in the United States today.
The average size of an assisted living community is 39 licensed beds. About 10% of assisted living facilities have over 100 beds, 33% have between 26 to 100 beds, 14% have between 11 to 25 beds, and 43% have 4 to 10 beds.

About 56% are chain-​affiliated (an organization with two or more communities), and about 42% are independently owned.