Achieve the Sales Presentation Trifecta With These Tips

iStock_000007837740XSmallSalespeople are always looking for ways to improve their presentations, and there certainly is no shortage of advice for doing so. But, have you ever heard of the presentation “trifecta?” Revenue-IQ’s Chris Arlen has a unique approach regarding presentations; he recommends salespeople strive for The Presentation Trifecta: Likeability first, Credibility second, with Affinity to follow. According to Arlen, “Customers want to experience what it might be like working with a particular sales team as their future supplier. That’s the subtext for customers’ sitting through sales presentations. And to accomplish that road test, customers assess how likeable, credible, and culturally aligned their potential choice may be.”

He outlines various attributes that will contribute to the Trifecta, including:

  • Articulateness. It’s important that the salesperson communicates his or her value proposition clearly. By being informative and transparent, the salesperson will likely be perceived as a credible supplier.
  • Conciseness. Salespeople, when presenting, should answer questions concisely–no figurative dancing around the question or long-​winded answers. “Something as simple as answering questions with simple, clear answers (with an appropriate level of depth and detail) is huge,” Arlen writes. “[Customers] want information short, sweet, and accurate.”
  • Humility. Strive for quiet confidence by exuding humility. Acknowledge that you and your team offer a great product and service but also be willing to own up to any weaknesses or vulnerabilities.
  • Passion. Enthusiasm is contagious, and it’s up to you to find a balance between being passionate and being hyper. As Arlen writes, “sales teams must find selected moments when they can communicate their passion in an intelligent manner, and avoid sending the wrong message.”

Arlen also stresses the importance of good slide decks, and highlights how slide decks can influence various attributes and directly impact the Trifecta. For example, a poor slideshow may be riddled with too much text, poor images and grammatical errors, which may negatively affect a salesperson’s articulateness and conciseness.

Check out his article for the entire list of attributes so that you can achieve the coveted Trifecta with your next presentation! “The Presentation Trifecta directs sales teams to strive for first or second position in Likeability, Credibility, and Affinity, relative to the competition,” Arlen explains. “Once achieved, customers will select them and move into the final stage, and happy days are ahead.”

Jessica Helinski

Jessica Helinski

Jessica is a senior research analyst for SalesFuel focusing on selling to SMB decision makers. She also reports on sales and presentation tips for SalesFuel and Media Sales Today. Jessica is a graduate of Ohio University.