Ad-​ology Launches New Market Research Package for Local Automotive Marketers

AO-ReportsAd-​ology Research has released two new sets of research reports that help marketers connect local auto dealerships with consumers looking to purchase a new vehicle.

The Auto Dealership Market Share Reports, powered by Polk data, help media sellers, marketing consultants and advertising agencies measure the effectiveness of their marketing and advertising efforts on sales in their specific local markets.

The Automotive AudienceSCAN Reports are brand-​specific, and include audience insights such as future purchase intent, interests, attitudes, digital and media influence – enabling marketers to make smarter advertising decisions by going beyond rates, ratings, and demographics.

These new reports allow agencies and marketing consultants of all sizes to independently verify if their efforts are truly moving the needle,” said C. Lee Smith, president/​CEO of Ad-​ology Research. “Polk data may also uncover opportunities and weaknesses the dealership didn’t even know they had; while the Automotive AudienceSCAN report reveals the hot buttons of customers who plan to purchase a new vehicle of that brand in the next 12 months,” Smith said.

The Auto Dealership Market Share Reports are specific to individual dealers in each local market, and address key questions, including:

  • How can the dealer secure more sales in their own backyard??
  • Where are other dealers finding success?
  • How can dealers shift their marketing to gain business that should be theirs?
  • Does the dealer's media mix match the audience of their top models sold?
  • Is the dealer's marketing content properly aligned with the top models sold in the market?

The Automotive AudienceSCAN Reports focus on psychographics of the target audience, and address key questions, including:

  • How prevalent are this brand’s shoppers in the U.S.?
  • What are their personal attitudes, values and lifestyle interests?
  • What are their common shopping habits, patterns and preferences?
  • What media are they more likely to use and use most often?
  • What big-​dollar products and services do they intend to shop for in the next 12 months?

Advertising agencies and marketing consultants can purchase the Auto Dealership Market Share Reports for individual dealerships in most U.S. markets for $295 each. The Automotive AudienceSCAN Reports for individual auto brands are $195 each.

Ad-​ology Research is offering a $100 discount when purchasing both reports together in the Ad-​ology Research Store.


Ad-​ology Research focuses on the specific demographic, psychographic, geographic or vertical market segments most likely to be your best customers and how to Advertise Smarter to them. Ad-​ology also provides a free compilation of marketing-​related forecasts at MarketingForecast​.com, the Marketing Forecast monthly video podcast on iTunes and YouTube, and the Marketing Forecast smartphone app for Apple iPhone, iPad, and Google Android devices.