AdMall’s AudienceSCAN Profile Turns a “No” into a “Yes”

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Try to close a deal after being rebuffed multiple times

Sometimes it (literally) pays not to give up. For Eric Grover, an Account Manager for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, that meant going back time and again to the same local wine and spirits store in the hopes of changing its mind. The owners, “a couple of old-​school guys,” had never run a digital campaign before and were reluctant to buy into Grover’s pitches.

So why keep trying? Because Grover knew his client’s value and wanted to help them realize their full potential.

They specialize in having the best selection of products and are a step ahead of competitors when it comes to branding opportunities,” said Grover. “They can be set in their ways, but when presented with the right information, open to new ideas.”

Solution: Present modern target demographic info in a way that still appealed to the traditional minded clients

Knowing that his current approach wasn’t working, Grover decided to try a different tactic. He turned to AdMall’s AudienceSCAN profile in order to locate the key demographics for the client’s type of business. Luckily for him, AudienceSCAN features more than 1,400 profiles with a wide range of data, including shopping behavior, digital+technology usage, leisure interests and purchase intent.

With this new information, Grover finally had what he needed to get that long-​awaited “yes.” Presented with the proper knowledge, the clients found the confidence needed to update their business model. In addition to purchasing pushdown digital ads on the Sentinel’s website, they also signed on for geo-​fenced audience extension ads.

I featured AdMall research showing the demographics surrounding their business, which showed that they were missing key age and income groups and they jumped on board immediately,” said Grover.

Result: An initial two month buy-​in, which was recently renewed

Change can be hard, but Grover’s client was finally won over by the insights provided in part by AdMall. Now, the client is aware of the peak demographic within their 10-​mile sales zone radius and is doing a much better job at marketing toward young professionals. We’ll say cheers to that.