AdMall's Business Intelligence Leads to $90,000 Media Sale

BY Kathy Crosett
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Dawn Zachary, a sales rep from WWL-​TV, has sold all types of media since the mid-‘80s, and after taking a break from the industry in 2005, she returned to selling about a year ago. Throughout her time in the sales world, she has used AdMall, and knew that even after during troubling events, she could count on the tool to help her local market of New Orleans in a time of need.

After Hurricane Ida damaged many homes in the New Orleans area, roofers were in high demand,” said Zachary. “Most people couldn’t find roofers or even get a quote, in addition, the insurance companies were denying or underpaying claims.”

So, using AdMall’s Local Account Intelligence Report, Zachary approached a local roofing company looking to lend a helping hand.

[The potential client] specializes in complete roof replacements,” said Zachary. “He is a hardworking, honest man who is committed to doing what he needs to for his customers to be happy.”

The main way that AdMall affected this sale was by helping to make me look like an informed consultant. The amount of insight into this industry helped persuade him that if we were saying it would work, then he believed it would work.”

The ‘Know Their Customers” information helped us find the correct target demographic and geographic area to focus on. The sales trend information [helped him decide] to be back on the air to be ready for the high-​volume months of March through October.”

Zachary’s pitch for a multiform ad campaign including television, digital and OTT convinced her client that investing $90,000 in advertising would pay off. Turns out, Zachary was right.

He had 35 calls the first week,” said Zachary. “It has continued at that pace, with a highlight being a TV-​spot inside a New Orleans Saints game which garnered 180 calls to his cell phone the same day, Sunday. He got two large commercial jobs along with tons of new prospects. Their website traffic has increased substantially, but the true win is that his phone hasn’t stopped ringing. He has had to hire new people and buy new trucks.”

For reps looking to close a sale like Zachary, she had simple advice for them.

When you take the time to learn as much as you can about your client’s business before ever calling on them, you increase the likelihood of closing the sale tenfold,” said Zachary. “If you speak their language and offer insight that they don’t even know, you can truly become a trusted partner.”