AdMall’s Data Helps Rep Score $245,000 Sale

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Target a Hard-​to-​Reach Audience with a Life-​Saving Message

Sometimes a marketing campaign’s success isn’t just centered around how to get a customer to buy a new car. In the case of Mercedes Lucero, a Client Development Strategic Specialist for Comcast Spotlight, her campaign was designed to literally save lives. 

This is a state agency that received government money to bring awareness to opioid usage and rehab programs,” said Lucero. “They had tried other advertising before, and it did not deliver [results] well for them. They needed an effective way to reach the masses.”

Solution: Turn to AdMall’s AudienceSCAN Profiles

Lucero is an AdMall veteran and knew the best way to gain their trust was to immediately utilize AdMall’s AudienceSCAN profiles. 

I have been using [AdMall] for two years and I love using the AudienceSCAN reports to get a better perspective of customer habits,” said Lucero. “[AdMall] helps you see customer behaviors, or why a particular industry may benefit from different types of advertising, allowing you to be a better consultant and seller.”

Lucero’s pitch consisted of traditional TV ads, mixed with digital commercials on over-​the-​top, along with web-​based videos. 

Result: A Massive Sale and Connection with a Key Audience

According to Lucero, the client was very receptive to the research she brought to the table and her company’s capabilities to deliver on their campaign promise. 

I used AdMall to create a story as to why using our advertising services would help the agency get their message about opioid awareness to the state effectively,” said Lucero.

The keyword there is story. Any rep can look at an AdMall report and see demographics, tech usage, competitive intel, etc. But those who can effectively take that information and leverage it into a story about how to reach the target audience are the reps who close $245,000 annual deals.