AdMall’s Digital Audit Closes $270,000 In Sales and Creates Digital Presence for Ad Agency

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Competing in a digital space

Tom Binder, account executive from Spectrum Reach, has been selling media for nearly 30 years. It was only in 2019 that he began working with an ad agency that became a goldmine of sales activity.

I started using AdMall when I worked at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel newspaper prior to coming to Spectrum Reach,” said Binder. “My favorite parts are the Digital Audits, Local Account Intelligence Reports and co-​op research.”

The agency had been a client of Binder’s for some time, but they had yet to expand their reach into the digital ad space.

The ad agency didn’t have a digital platform to sell and didn’t have any research, which we provided with digital audits and Local Intelligence reports. The owner and her account executives are former radio reps, so they specialized in traditional media (radio, TV, print) and were not well versed in digital media.”

We partnered with them to provide a digital platform for them to sell to their clients. We start every one of their clients off with a Digital Audit to identify opportunities and the strategy has worked great. We sell search, display, online video, OTT and social to their clients. The agency loves it because of the new business opportunities they now have.”

Solution: Provide intelligence to the agency from AdMall’s Digital Audits

Binder had formulated a routine using AdMall’s Digital Audit, and other sales tools, when approaching his agency with new opportunities.

My success story revolves around the use of Digital Audits as a way to initiate new digital business,” said Binder. “My goal is to use the great digital product portfolio Spectrum Reach has to help this agency expand their business. The strategy is simple, for every client or prospect I run a digital audit for the agency prior to their initial meeting with the client.”

I download the audit as a PowerPoint and customize it for the agency with their logo and color scheme. In addition to the PowerPoint, I provide a list of talking points for the agency account executive to use during the client meeting. Having the valuable information from the Digital Audits helps the agency establish credibility and even helps them get initial appointments.”

I am also able to use the Digital Audit to identify opportunities and provide recommendations. For example, if it is identified that an advertiser isn't running any Google Ads I recommend to the agency that we pitch a search campaign.”

Result: Multiple sales and access to future revenue streams

Prior to our partnership the agency wasn’t selling any digital, so they love it,” said Binder. “They also love the fact that I customize the Digital Audits, so it looks like it is coming from them which gives them instant credibility and a point of differentiation between them and their competitors.” 

So far in 2020, they have invested $267,942 in digital. Campaigns range from $1,000-$10,000 per month. They have nine clients so far in 2020.”