Adult Beverage Marketers to Target Men, Millennials

The adult beverage market is changing as more Millennials come of age and begin to purchase beer, wine, and spirits. In recent years, U.S. wineshopadults have been increasing their wine and spirits consumption, a trend which has beer marketers looking for new ways to engage shoppers. Nielsen analysts point out that marketers can bump up sales by understanding which demographic is likely to purchase their product and when the planning for the purchase begins.

Most adult beverage marketers spend a significant sum advertising their products. For the most part, these campaigns target men. While women purchase adult beverages, they are not particularly responsive to advertising in this category and often make their selection based on someone’s else recommendation or request. Men tend to plan their domestic-​beer purchases and a significant majority, 79%, drink the beverage that same day. The craft-​beer crowd exhibits slightly different behavioral tendencies and may be swayed by in-​store marketing that emphasizes seasonal specials.

Younger shoppers are likely to make their mark on the adult beverage market as they have on so many other product categories in the past few years. This sector is new to them and they are enjoying the discovery process. Older consumers, on the other hand, don’t show much curiosity. Analysts say that in-​store marketing tactics can make a difference when appealing to younger consumers.

Marketers who want to reach Hispanic consumers should target them specifically with traditional ad or social media campaigns. This effort makes a difference when Hispanics go to the store.

In general, because 69% of adult beverage purchases are planned in advance, marketers should reach out to potential buyers in advance of a shopping trip. But Nielsen research shows that in-​store marketing can impact up to 37% of the type of wine purchased. The same holds true for other niche categories. For spirits, because these purchases are often combined with a general errand run, joint marketing with other categories could lead to improved sales.

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Kathy Crosett
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