AE Closes Fitness Equipment Digital Campaign Thanks to AdMall’s Digital Audit

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Figuring out the local fitness equipment digital campaign landscape

Teresa Vandyke, a 35-​year media sales veteran who works at OnMedia, has only used AdMall for six months, but in that time became comfortable enough with the product to approach a prospect about a potential fitness equipment digital campaign.

The high-​energy business owner … is open to crazy ideas and trying new things,” said Vandyke. “The business specializes in new and used fitness equipment.  The owner is a great guy and runs a fast-​paced business and surrounds himself with people who know more than he does and lets them do their job.”

[They were facing challenges at] one location, which was brand new, and the other is hurting due to a road closure because of construction. So, he needs people to do a little searching to find him.” 

Solution: Turn to AdMall’s Digital Audit

I showed the prospect a digital audit,” said Vandyke. “I presented a plan for [a fitness equipment digital campaign] after sharing the OTT/​Connected TV findings [that showed] "25% of exercise equipment shoppers have taken action after seeing an ad on a streaming service in the past year," "56% of exercise equipment shoppers own a smart TV or streaming service device," and "48% of exercise equipment shoppers get the most of their TV programming from streaming services.”

The digital audit showed great data on home fitness equipment customers and how they consume their video and digital advertising.” 

Result: Not only a new client, but that client seeing customer growth

The digital audit was basically a magic wand for the fitness equipment digital campaign. According to Vandyke, since the $11,500 annual campaign started, the client has seen an increase in customers at both of their struggling locations. They are winning more proposals over competitors and their web traffic has increased.

AdMall’s Digital Audit will do a real-​time data capture of any client or prospect’s digital presence in less than a minute. Using real-​time big data to analyze the account’s activity and findability, the Digital Audit:

  • Lists digital advertising, local search, search engine optimization, social networking, and incoming website traffic
  • Provides a digital opportunity score directing you to the accounts with the most revenue potential for digital marketing services
  • Compares the account’s use of digital advertising to the customers who intend to buy what they’re selling in the next 12 months
  • Compares the account’s digital presence to their top local competitors
  • Does in 60 seconds what would take you 60 minutes to do by hand
  • Incorporates data into tablet-​optimized sales presentations in AdMall PRO

More About: Exercise/​Fitness Equipment Shops 

These retailers are a sub-​sector of the sporting goods retailing industry. Typically, these shops sell, install and service specific items such as treadmills, stair steppers, or home gym equipment. These retailers sell to individuals and to small institutions, such as health clubs, churches or schools. As such, they may need more than one marketing campaign to reach specific customer groups. Note that some of the manufacturers of this industry sell directly to large commercial accounts such as health clubs, and others sell direct-to-consumer.

The average market size of this industry’s equipment manufacturing is $2 billion with approximately 280 manufacturers. In general, the clubs that purchase this equipment have an average market size of $31 billion with approximately 121,500 businesses.

These retailers compete with full-​line sporting goods retailers, such as Dick’s Sporting Goods. Because price competition may be significant, independent retailers must compete in service or by offering unique items. The outlook for these retailers may depend on the general consumer interest in fitness and on the ability of manufacturers to develop new products that appeal to the mass market.