AE Helps a Discount Store Post Their Biggest Sales Day Ever With AdMall’s Targeted Audience Data

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Moving a discount store from a garage to a brick-​and-​mortar location

Joey James, an account executive for FOX13, had only been selling media for three months when he came across a unique sales opportunity with a very small discount store.

The business is a small retail discount store that used to be online only,” said James. “The owners, a husband [and] wife, started this business selling products out of their garage on Facebook and grew so much they needed a warehouse. Then they outgrew the warehouse and decided to open a brick-​and-​mortar location. They specialize in liquidation and auctions by buying closeout containers from big box companies as well as antiques for on-​line auctions.” 

Having the good problem of growth led to the new issue of getting customers through the door.

Their challenges were getting customer[s] in the door to the brick-​and-​mortar location because they are in a unique location,” said James. “They wanted the community to know who they are and where they are, so customers could come in for shopping.” 

Solution: Turn to AdMall’s AudienceSCAN to better understand the customers

AdMall helped me in researching the information I needed to put together the right proposal with data to back up the products I was selling to the discount store client,” said James. “AdMall saves massive amounts of time with all the verified data it provides.”

Specifically, James turned to AdMall’s AudienceSCAN Advertising Response section of the report. This survey question can show an advertiser which media type is the biggest influence in getting a customer to “take action."

The advertising response report and the target customer information was very eye opening to the customer, as they did not realize that just because they are a discount store does not mean that they need to market to low-​income consumers,” said James.

Result: A big sale and immediate ROI

The company was impressed with the research James presented to them and signed a 12-​month contract worth $38,000.

I sold them digital ads, Facebook posts on FOX13’s FB page, and 15-​second commercials airing at three different times,” said James.

In many cases, reps, understandably, submit success stories without ROI details, but in James’s case, his campaign saw results instantaneously.

This campaign started in November; however, they purchased a FB post in October for their grand opening,” said James. “They called us two days before the grand opening asking for help to promote their business. I was able to sell them one FB post and boost just in time for the grand opening. The next week when I went in to do an actual proposal, I brought the analytics from the post, and they stated that they had more new customers than ever before and that it was the biggest sales day ever.”

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