AE Helps Local Real Estate Business Keep Up with Big Name Competitors En Route to $135,000 Sale

BY Adam Ambro
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Mike Rafferty, a senior sales strategist from the Denver Post Media, needed to find a way to assist a local real estate broker looking to keep up with a nationwide company.

The Denver Post has always had a very robust print and digital real estate advertising section for many years,” said Rafferty. “But during the pandemic and the last two years, the real estate market has changed dramatically. The introduction of apps and quick sales and websites has made it difficult for local newspapers to keep…real estate advertisers as loyal customers."

The market here in Denver [recently] went ballistic, and companies like Redfin took the local buyer out [of the equation by purchasing homes for cash and paying 10% over list price],” said Rafferty.

We still have a large audience here at The Denver Post, and our local real estate agents were missing out on such a great opportunity. I used AdMall to find something that would open their eyes and schedule a first sales call. I needed a statistic that would catch their eye, [so I used] 26%  of House Shoppers have taken action after seeing an Internet Banner Ad [from AdMall’s AudienceSCAN report].”

[Also,] AdMall told me: 39% of House Shoppers have taken action after seeing a pre-​roll video ad in the last 30 days. This stat resonated with my prospects because I prospected real estate agents with [a ready-​made pre-​roll] video on their personal website. Bam, I was able to bring back real estate revenue from brokers I have never talked to in the past. It’s the little stats…AdMall gives us [a competitive edge.”] 

The company agreed to banner ads on denverpost​.com for $12,000 a month for a grand total of $135,000. According to Rafferty, the real estate broker immediately saw ROI from the campaign and was able to connect with local buyers.

Rafferty had a simple recommendation for new users to AdMall.

It is a sales tool for you to pull back the covers and to tell the client why they should be up at night worrying about their business,” said Rafferty.