AE Uses AdMall’s Sales Tools to Close $45,000 Deal to Geotarget a New Audience

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: How to geotarget a new audience after moving locations

Matt Earman, an account executive at Spectrum Reach, had been selling media for a little under a year when he approached a local golf cart dealer who was looking for new ways to geotarget a new audience after moving locations.

Most of my interaction at [the business] has been with their marketing manager, and the owner,” said Earman. “Both great guys and very laid back. They’ve both been working with golf carts and scooters for years and are clearly passionate about what they do.”

I met them not long after they moved to a new location. They moved to have a larger showroom, but they gave up a more favorable location in doing so. On top of that, they had a competitor immediately move into their old location, so they were very focused on building awareness and driving traffic to the new location.”

Solution: Utilizing all of AdMall’s geotargeting sales tools

Earman, though new to his position, was savvy enough to realize that using AdMall’s tools would help geotarget a new audience group for his potential client in their new location.

We used features like AudienceSCAN, and demographic reports, sorted by zip codes, to pinpoint areas to focus their [marketing] efforts,” said Earman. “We also used the competitive analysis tool [Digital Audit] to make sure their digital alignment stayed at least consistent with competition.”

The golf cart dealer loved what Earman presented and agreed to a plan of “streaming TV and addressable streaming TV with zip code targeting around [the area],” according to Earman.

Result: New audiences and new revenue

Earman closed the 100% digital sale for $10,000 last year and $35,000 for 2023. He credits AdMall’s ease of use for the sale in helping the client geotarget a new audience after their move, along with increasing their revenue.

They have had an excellent first few months at the new location,” said Earman. “They’ve seen a good boost in monthly sales, 5% to 10%, but according to [the owner], the biggest bump has been with service and customization for locals who already own golf carts and need a reliable service center.”

Earman’s success led him to share this suggestion for anyone looking to use AdMall to close a sale.

I would recommend it to any media rep,” said Earman. “One thing I’ve learned is that you can never be too prepared in this job, and I think AdMall is sort of a one-​stop-​shop for all competitive intel you would need.”

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