Affluent Consumers Driving Local Search App Use

Mobile is responsible for an increasing share of traffic to local search apps—like Citysearch, YellowPages​.com and Yelp—as users turn to the app directories for on-​the-​go information. Research from the Local Search Association and comScore found that in December 2012, the share of traffic to these sites from mobile phones and tablets quadrupled over the previous year. App

In addition, not only are these local mobile search app users accounting for a significant share of local internet directory traffic, they also have plenty of demographic and behavioral characteristics to further recommend themselves to marketers.

The study found that US smartphone users who accessed internet yellow page mobile apps (IYP users)—the generic name for these local search app services—were highly likely to be affluent consumers. IYP users were 51% more likely than smartphone users overall to have incomes above $100,000.

Not only were IYP mobile app users wealthier than smartphone users in general—already an affluent group—they were also more likely to make mcommerce smartphone purchases. Forty-​one percent of IYP app users had made a mobile purchase in December, compared with 19% of smartphone users.

And they spent more on purchases made via the device, with about one-​quarter of IYP users spending $200 or more on mcommerce purchases during the month, compared with 9% of smartphone user respondents.

Finally, since IYP mobile users spend more time searching for information on mobile, they are also exposed to more mobile ads. One-​quarter of IYP users saw mobile ads almost daily, vs. 12% of total smartphone users. Given IYP users’ affluent skew, heavy purchasing behavior and regular viewing of mobile ads, the audience on local search apps is both highly desirable to marketers—and reachable.

[Source:  Research conducted by the Local Search Association and comScore.  eMarketer​.com.  13 May 2013.  Web.  17 May 2013.]