Americans Believe Fake News is a Bigger Problem than Violent Crime

BY Rachel Cagle
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"Many Americans say the creation and spread of made-​up news and information is causing significant harm to the nation and needs to be stopped, according to a new Pew Research Center survey of 6,127 U.S. adults."

"U.S. adults blame political leaders and activists far more than journalists for the creation of made-​up news intended to mislead the public. But they believe it is primarily the responsibility of journalists to fix the problem. And they think the issue will get worse in the foreseeable future."

"The vast majority of Americans say they sometimes or often encounter made-​up news. In response, many have altered their news consumption habits, including by fact-​checking the news they get and changing the sources they turn to for news."

"In addition, about eight-​in-​ten U.S. adults (79%) believe steps should be taken to restrict made-​up news, as opposed to 20% who see it as protected communication. In general, Republicans, the highly politically aware and older Americans express higher levels of concern about the impact of made-​up news than their counterparts."

"Almost four-​in-​ten Americans (38%) say they often come across made-​up news and information, and another 51% say they sometimes do. Given their concerns about made-​up news, Americans have also changed their news and technology habits. Roughly six-​in-​ten (63%) have stopped getting news from a particular outlet, about half (52%) have changed the way they use social media and roughly four-​in-​ten (43%) have lessened their overall news intake."

So, which sources do Fake News Avoiders still trust? AudienceSCAN data reports that 53.8% get most of their local news through the TV, 23% turn to newspapers and 6.8% turn on their radios. They've also proven to be receptive to advertising on these media formats as well.

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