Americans to Spend $2.6 Billion on Halloween Costumes

This Halloween there will be plenty of pumpkins, princesses, zombies and witches around town.  According to the National Retail Federation’s 2013 Top Costumes Survey, adults and children will look to traditional favorites for their costumes this year. Costumes

More than 5 million adults plan to dress as a witch this year and 2.9 million will dress as a Batman character. Tiny tots have exclaimed they want to be a princess (3.8 million), an animal (2.8 million) or a Batman character (2.5 million). Fido and fluffy will be fashionable as well: 7.9% of  people will dress their furry friend as a pumpkin. Hot dog, cat, and devil costumes follow for pet favorites.

Americans are expected to spend $2.6 billion on Halloween costumes, according to an NRF survey, spending $1 billion on children’s costumes, $1.2 billion on adult costumes, and $330 million on pet costumes. The average person will spend $75.03 on Halloween candy, costumes and decorations, bringing total spending to $6.9 billion.

Halloween is a long-​standing tradition that kids and adults alike look forward to every fall,” NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay said. “Consumers can bet retailers are prepared with all their needs.”

While traditional favorites top the list this year, there’s always the chance of seeing over-​the-​top, unique costumes on Halloween,” Prosper Insights Consumer Insights Director Pam Goodfellow said. “Costumes with clear pop culture references that mimic hit TV show characters or celebrities could easily surprise us all.”

[Source:  "2013 Top Costumes Survey."  National Retail Federation (NRF).  7 Oct. 2013.  Web.  11 Oct. 2013.]