More Americans to Travel for Thanksgiving This Year

More Americans plan to travel for Thanksgiving this year.  A new survey from TripAdvisor reveals that 39% plan to travel for Thanksgiving, up seven percent from those that did in 2012 (32%). Of those traveling, 37% will flock to the skies, while 57% plan to drive to their Turkey Day destination. Thanksgiving


Forty-​six percent of travelers plan to spend more on Thanksgiving travel this year compared to 2012, while 44% anticipate spending about the same.

  • 14% plan to spend more than $3,000
  • 21% expect to pay $1,000-$2,999
  • 23% are budgeting $500-$999

Shopping malls will be crowded along with roads and runways, as forty-​five percent of U.S. respondents plan to take a Black Friday shopping trip, a 12% increase from those that anticipated doing so in 2012.

"With a seven percent increase in those planning a Thanksgiving pilgrimage this year, it's clear Americans are hungry for the holiday," said Brooke Ferencsik, director of communications for TripAdvisor. "As more than a quarter of travelers plan to depart the day before Thanksgiving, travelers with flexible schedules will be best served leaving Tuesday or earlier."


  • 70% of travelers admit to being stressed by Thanksgiving travel; travelers' top sources of frustration: congested roadways, crowded airports /​ long security lines, and inclement weather
  • 64% plan to travel during off-​peak hours to avoid heavy traffic
  • The busiest day for Thanksgiving travel will be Wednesday, November 27 (27%)
  • 16% will eat at a restaurant on Thanksgiving, with their top cited reason being to avoid cooking
  • While 44% of those traveling for Thanksgiving plan to stay at the home of family or friends, 34% will hunker down in a hotel, and eight percent will rest in a vacation rental.


Fifty-​seven percent of travelers plan to use a mobile device to assist their Thanksgiving travel. Among the group, 85% will turn to a smartphone, while 47% will consult their tablet.

The top five reasons travelers plan to utilize their devices:

  1. Check the weather (70%)
  2. Use navigation (51%)
  3. Research restaurants (40%)
  4. Check flight status (36%)
  5. Check-​in to a flight (35%)
[Source:  "Thanksgiving Travel Survey."  TripAdvisor.  12 Nov. 2013.  Web.  14 Nov. 2013.]