An Acronym to Sell By

by | < 1 minute read

LOL. BRB. ROTFL. Among many others, these acronyms have crept into our daily lexicon. I recently came across a blog post by Dave Brock, a sales consultant, who introduced me to a very important acronym in the sales industry: WIIFM. I wasn't familiar with that particular acronym, but I instantly recognized the familiar phrase "What's In It For Me?" In his short, but to-the-point post, Brock writes that many salespeople get stuck in a rut by applying the WIIFM mantra to themselves, rather than focusing on the client or prospect. "While every sales person is driven by accomplishing their [sic] goals, making the number, we can only achieve success by focusing on our customer," he writes. "Only when we truly ask the question "What's In It For Them" can we know what the customer values and how we can fulfill their requirements." Brock does a great job of reminding readers that the true point of this go-to phrase can get lost in one's drive to reach a sales goal or close a deal. By refocusing on what is best for clients and prospects, the salesperson can better address their needs, and thus accomplish his or her own goals in the long run.

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