Anti-​Aging is Key Motivator for Purchase of Women's Skincare Products

According to Women's Skincare In-​Depth Consumer Report by The NPD Group, Inc., anti-​aging continues to be a key motivator for purchase among women skincare users. Seventy-​five percent of women skincare users tell NPD they "use skincare products to look the best they can for their age." 

When asked what benefits are important in facial skincare products, more than half of the women surveyed (53%) said that anti-​aging benefits (such as wrinkle/​line reduction and firming/​lifting) were extremely or very important to them. This number is much higher for women 35+ than younger women: 62% of 35–54 year olds and 65% of 55+ versus 26% of 18–34.

Anti-​Aging: Key Influencer versus Unmet Opportunity

While anti-​aging continues to be a key influencer for usage, 21% of women facial skincare users are NOT using any anti-​aging moisturizers, serums or treatments. In addition, of those consumers using anti-​aging serums or treatments, almost a quarter of them (23%) are using these products less than once a day.

"This speaks to the pronounced need to increase the education and communication to move consumers to further engage in the category," said Karen Grant, vice president and global industry analyst, The NPD Group. "The two-​fold opportunity for anti-​aging products is therefore, 1) engaging those not using specific anti-​aging products, but who feel that anti-​aging benefits are extremely or very important and 2) increasing the usage frequency of those already using anti-​aging serums and treatments," ended Grant.

"Women's Skincare In-​Depth Consumer Report," conducted by The NPD Group, January 20, 2010.  Website: www​.npd​.com.