Apparel Gaining Ground for Brand Placement

Some 97% of college students are willing to wear a t‑shirt featuring a brand's logo or name if it means they will receive a cost reduction, according to Apparel Media Group (AMG). Moreover, 74% say this reduction needs to only be $1.

These findings are sparking interest among major brands and agencies to explore apparel brand placement, says AMG's Amish Tolia.

AMG matches brands with colleges, youth sports leagues, non-​profits, and other organizations seeking sponsors. The brands either donate or reduce the price of the apparel in exchange for logo placement. "Companies pay a lot of money to get on sports teams' jerseys. No one has brought that concept downstream," says Tolia.

Youth sports leagues are one of the more promising opportunities. "Every time a mom looks at her child or a teammate, an ad impression is made. The brand is being ingrained in her mind in a way that digital marketing can't produce," says Tolia.

College students have also proven receptive to this form of marketing. AMG's network reaches more than 750,000 students on 30 campuses, including nearly 50 fraternities and sororities. Epic Advertising, for example, recently distributed 2,000 t‑shirts to Indiana University students with its logo and a message instructing students to text 74700 to receive additional information. Students typically fill out surveys to provide feedback.

Although AMG is able to place logos on all forms of apparel, such as hoodies, long sleeve shirts, and hats, Tolia says the "ubiquitous" t‑shirt remains the preferred garment for both brands and consumers.

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