Apparel, Small Ticket Electronics Among Top Products Purchased on Smartphone/​Tablet

Mobile shopping appears to be a fast growing trend, as nearly 9 in 10 (88.1%) Mobile Users say they regularly or occasionally research products on their smartphone or tablet. 66.5% also regularly or occasionally purchase products through the mobile channel, according to a recent survey conducted by Prosper Mobile Insights. 

Mobile shoppers are most likely to have bought apparel, entertainment items such as CDs, ringtones, or small ticket electronics such as a DVD player. Further, 1 in 10 says they’ve purchased big ticket electronics like televisions on their smartphone or tablet:

Mobile Users 18+

Apparel: 29.9%
Entertainment (CDs/​DVDs/​Books/​etc): 23.2%
Ringtones or other media for device: 20.1%
Small ticket electronics: 19.5%
Beauty products: 14.6%
Gift cards: 11.9%
Big ticket electronics: 10.4%
Home décor: 8.8%
Appliances: 7.9%
Furniture: 6.1%

Apparel (40.5%) is also the most popular category to research on a mobile device, followed by big ticket electronics (38.7%) and smaller gadgets (37.8%). Although only 7.9% of Mobile Users say they purchased an appliance using a smartphone or tablet, 3 in 10 (31.7%) say they have researched these household electronics via mobile.

Naturally price is a major deciding factor when choosing whether or not to purchase an item on a mobile device. The type of item and security of the site or application are just as relevant:

Mobile Users 18+

The price of an item: 52.4%
The security of the site/​app: 51.8%
The type of item being purchased: 50.0%
The form of payment (credit/​debit/​other account): 47.0%
The reputation of the site/​app: 45.1%
How easy the site/​app is to use: 41.8%

Are there some items consumers just won’t purchase on a mobile device? 2 in 5 say they would never consider buying a large electronic item (40.9%) or furniture (38.7%) using their smartphone or tablet. However, almost as many (37.8%) admit they would consider purchasing all types of items through the mobile channel. Different retail shoppers appear to have different feelings: more Best Buy shoppers would consider purchasing a big ticket electronic device and Amazon shoppers are more likely to consider all types of items.

In the early years of e‑commerce, many consumers were hesitant to click the ‘purchase’ button, but we can all agree the convenience of buying online has grown on us,” said Pam Goodfellow, Consumer Insights Director at BIGinsight. “We expect the same for the growth of m‑commerce: starting small, but once consumers find their comfort zones, mobile shopping will become a viable buying channel for a substantial proportion of the population.”

[Source:  "Mobile Survey."  Prosper Mobile Insight.  5 Sept. 2012.  Web.  7 Sept. 2012.]