Are Your High-​Performing Teams Ready for the New Buyer Behavior

BY Austin Richards
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Newsflash: Today’s B2B buyers do not want to interact with salespeople in the traditional way. But they still need access to the products that will solve their most challenging problems. Here are a few ways that your high-​performing teams can adjust to the new reality.

Are Your High-​Performing Teams Ready for the New Buyer Behavior

A recently released Gartner study points out that leaders of thriving organizations must change their mindset. Instead of being sales focused, they need to be revenue focused. To increase deal flow and close new business, leaders should break down silos between the marketing and sales departments.

Today’s buyers want to limit the amount of time they spend in meetings with sales professionals. In fact, our research indicates that 37% of buyers have created a short list.

The buyers plan to pursue those vendors as they seek to solve their problem. What should be most alarming to sales leaders is that buyers create their list before they contact the vendors.

These buyers have sifted through search engine results pages, including thought-​leader content. This process is a signal that a seller’s marketing content must appear in the right places. The content should also contain the right information at the right time.

Buyers’ access to instantly available information upends the sales process in typical organizations. Why? Because buyers don’t need a sales rep to explain the benefits of their solution.

In further distancing themselves from the traditional sales process, buyers aren’t excited about sales reps showing up at their office. 35% of buyers told us their preferred method of interaction with a sales professional is through email.

More Departments Contribute to Sales Success

To maintain marketplace position and grow revenue, you should pivot your strategy. Understand that a larger percentage of your staff now has a direct impact on pumping up the bottom line.

To transform their revenue-​generation process, top-​producing organizations are responding by hiring “agile program managers.” They also use “skills specialists” to train employees on new ways of working.

Gartner analysts believe, “By 2026, 60% of enablement functions will be tasked with enabling all client-​facing revenue-​generating roles.”

What does this mean for your business?

Improve the Buying Process for Clients

Your organization must have the right talent in digital marketing roles. Use a comprehensive psychometric assessment to learn which skills and work behaviors your team members possess. Then work on upgrading those skills through training and professional development programs.

Best-​in-​class companies have likely already assembled revenue enablement teams. You can explore this option by defining roles that match the journey of customers through the sales process. Then study the strengths and interests of team members before assigning them to one of these critical roles.

Leverage the Power of AI

Your sales professionals should be using technology to improve their productivity. Current automation tools can enhance every level of the sales cycle. Your competitors’ teams are already using these tools.

Hubspot’s State of AI Report outlines the positive impact technology is making on the sales process. Sales professionals have recovered up to two hours a day by applying AI tools to their daily routines.

Prospecting (31%) and accessing data about target companies (34%) are the top reasons sales professionals use AI. Tools such as SalesCred PRO offer these features and more.

Develop Team Identity

If your team is comprised of employees who also perform other functions, they may struggle with their corporate identity. For example, your top customer service agent may feel their first priority is to handle requests and complaints. They are accustomed to putting out fires.

When they join a revenue enablement team for part of their workday, they need to wear a different hat.  They may need coaching or professional development to learn how to deliver what that role requires.

To get the best performance from your revenue enablers, take the time to gauge team identity. You can use the features available on TeamTrait to learn whether your team excels at creativity or strategic thinking.

You might also learn that the team suffers from a lack of self-​confidence. Over time, you can work with individual employees to help them improve the skills they need. 

Invest in your high-​performing teams and watch your revenue grow.

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