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Account Exec Helps Turn Around Business using Targeted Advertising

A small-town car dealership in Indiana was already in trouble when it changed ownership this past spring. The previous owners had left the company in shambles, having lost credibility with customers and having built a negative reputation in the community.

Local Account Intelligence Report Revs Up Bigger Ad Buy

Just outside the Rochester, NY metro area, a mom and pop style auto dealership was starting to lose its foothold. Although the company had been in the family for generations, a crop of larger dealers had moved in to the area and was siphoning a lot of business.

One Agency’s Loss is an $80,000 Gain for Media Sales Rep

When making sales calls, reps are no strangers to the phrase “cutting costs.” And Desert Sun media sales strategist Lindsay Ortiz was no exception when calling on a local car dealership. The dealership was doing just that, after having recently let go of the marketing agency handling all of its co-op approvals and submissions.

Media Sales Rep Convinces Advertiser to Go 2.0

Multimedia Marketing Consultant Melissa Hubbard was well into her tenure at the Times Herald when she came across a local business owner looking to branch out from oil change shops into the culinary world.

AdMall’s AudienceSCAN Profile Turns a “No” into a “Yes”

Sometimes it (literally) pays not to give up. For Eric Grover, an Account Manager for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, that meant going back time and again to the same local wine and spirits store in the hopes of changing their mind. The owners, “a couple of old-school guys,” had never run a digital campaign before and were reluctant to buy into Grover’s pitches.

AdMall Minute Leads to Timely Sales Pitch

Timing is everything. Sarah May, a marketing strategist for Smart.Market, recently experienced this firsthand. Earlier this year, while reading an “AdMall Minute” email, May took note of a consumer trend story about working with limousine companies during prom season.

Account Exec Closes $81,600 Campaign with AdMall Sales Tools

Tisha Vigliaturo, an account executive for Viamedia-Kansas City, was not only new to using AdMall, she was also completely new to media sales. So it was a bold move when, having only been on the job a couple months, she decided to approach a local Kansas City attorney about just that.

AdMall AudienceSCAN report helps close $30,000 sale

Shawn Abramowiitz, a local sales manager at KESQ in Palm Desert, knew he was in for an uphill battle when he began working with a small HVAC company. The SoCal market heavily favored the nationally-known brands, and so persuading area residents to make a change would require a top-notch ad campaign.

Local Intelligence Pumps Up a $20,000 Ad Sale to Nutrition Retailer

Kelsey Billings (Baker) recognized when she started her new role as an Account Executive for Florida Today that she had to utilize all the sales tools available to succeed in her new role. Luckily, the recent college graduate had done her homework and enlisted the help of AdMall.

AE Studies Prospecting by Category to Drum up New Students for Education Client

Haley Smith had only been using AdMall for a few months since starting work at KMBC-TV, Kansas City, when she did what any good account executive would do: she put her head to the grindstone and started making calls.

$60,000 Ad Campaign by First-Time Buyer Sells Out Inventory

Doug Gibson was tasked with working with an RV dealership to come up with an effective marketing campaign, but with the knowledge that the family-owned and operated business had never once bought advertising.

Local Sales Manager Utilizes AdMall PRO’s Digital Audit to Overcome Cold Account

Recently, Local Sales Manager Will Butler sought the help of AdMall PRO’s Digital Audit and presentation tools to show his client, a community college, their digital footprint and also how to improve their website.

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