Author: Amanda Levin

How to Ensure Your References Get You the Close!

The sales cycle can be a long a grueling process; so don’t stumble when your buyer asks for some references! This can be a defining moment in your sales presentation if you take the time to make your references actually work FOR you.

Wandering Mind? 5 Ways to Improve Concentration

How often do you find your mind wandering when you have a million and a half things to get done? If you are constantly flitting between tasks or finding yourself daydreaming, your productivity is suffering.

10 Ways to be a Happier, More Successful You

Happiness and success can often be a subjective issue, but regardless of how you define them, everyone wants to achieve them. If you are struggling to find success or find yourself frowning more than smiling, a few simple changes can make a drastic difference.

3 Psychological Tips for a Better Sales Call

Have you ever thought about what you say on sales calls or how you say it? Your words, behavior and tone can have a psychological impact on your client of prospect.

The Email Feature You're Doing All Wrong!

It's hard enough to get your email opened and read through only to lose your contact at the last minute, but your signature may be doing just that!

New Year's Resolution: 6 Tips for a Happier, More Successful 2016

Have you thought about your goals for 2016? You might be resolved to lose weight, exercise healthier, pray more, watch less TV, etc., but why not make 2016 the year you finally become happier and more successful?

5 Misused Idioms Making You Sound Dumb

It’s funny how a simple grammatical error can leave a lasting impression on others' perception of your intelligence. And the English language is full of traps that even the smartest of us can occasionally fall into.

First 12 Words Are Critical to Email Success

If any of your clients utilize email in their marketing campaigns, they may have less time than even you realize to grab their readers’ attention. All it takes is 1…2…3 seconds before POOF! and the reader has moved on.

3 Phrases Secretly Wrecking Your Conversations

Social interactions are part of everyday life. Between networking events, meetings with clients, chats at the water cooler with coworkers and even interactions in your personal life, having social awareness can save you from some humiliating foot-in-mouth moments.

Tactics That Slaughter SEO Success

Whether you are selling digital ad space to your clients or helping your clients develop their own digital strategies, employing bad SEO or black hat SEO strategies are a surefire way to kill that strategy.

3 Qualities the Best Sales Leaders Share

When you think of the word leader, what qualities come to mind? There is an endless list of qualities to chose from, but on a few can be attributed to great sales leaders.

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