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Customer Satisfaction Drives Future Online Purchase Intent

ForeSee Results recently released its annual assessment of the top 100 online retailers, showing that customer satisfaction with e‑retail remains at an all-time high score of 78 on the study's 100-point scale. Nearly one-third of the rated e‑retailers score 80 or higher, up significantly from 2007 when only four websites were considered top performers. After six years of leading the Index, Netflix drops two points to 85 and Amazon narrowly takes the lead, remaining unchanged at 86. The biggest gainers between 2010 and 2011 are Newegg, Shutterfly, Staples, Peapod, Lowes, Macys​.com, and Hayneedle, up three points each.

Internet Access Via Cell Phone Rapidly Growing Among Hispanic Consumers

While using a home computer is the most common method of accessing the Internet among Hispanics, it seems that the cell phone is rapidly gaining popularity. According to the latest research from Mintel, a quarter (25%) of online Hispanics who often or occasionally access the Internet through a cell phone use it as their primary device for connecting to the Internet. Hispanic women are leading this trend; 30% of online Latinas report that their cell phone is the primary device used, while one in five online Hispanic men say the cell phone is their primary device for connecting online.

Young Adults, Men and High-Earners Most Likely to Use Social Media for Insurance

As in other industries, insurance companies are weighing the benefits of social media for promotion and customer interaction. A new survey from Mintel Comperemedia suggests insurers’ efforts would be best spent targeting young adults, men, and high-income earners, as these groups are the most likely to already use social media for insurance research and communication.

Average Online Shoppers Delay Making Purchases for Two Days

*Best of 2010: Consumer Spending Forecasts* The average online shopper delays making a purchase by almost two days after initially visiting a retail site, according to data from a leading Internet security company. After monitoring the shopping behavior of 163 million consumers completing 2.52 million transactions, McAfee SECURE discovered that the average customer waited 33

Home Improvement Market Starting to Show Signs of Recovery

According to home improvement industry analysis by leading market research company, The NPD Group, Inc., home improvement market categories saw an overall dollar increase of four percent in the 12 months ending June 2010, compared to the same time last year.

Customer Reviews Have Significant Impact on Buying Behavior

A new study from the e‑tailing group and PowerReviews finds that one-half of Internet users research online before making any type of purchase – on the Web, in a store or through any other method.

Consumers Accessing a Broader Array of Content/Services from More Devices

According to a new report by The NPD Group, there is a large and untapped market for devices that offer connected capabilities and the digital content played on those devices. NPD's "The Connected Experience: Building a Bridge Between Devices & Content" report reveals how U.S. consumers are adopting connected devices and using digital content, as well as what motivates specific consumer groups to use connected devices and connect to, and purchase, content. According to NPD's report, as the industry grows consumers are beginning to access a broader array of content and services, and they are doing so from more devices.

Post-Recession Consumers Adapting to New Economy

Amid the dark cloud of high unemployment, home foreclosures and the global credit crisis, a transformation has taken shape: the modern consumer has undergone a makeover of sorts and adapted to the new economy. Cutbacks on travel and dining out have driven a growing number of consumers to reinvest in their homes to make it a more welcoming and inviting space. Sales of private-label personal care products have also surged. In addition, consumers have grown increasingly aware of and concerned about the environmental and sustainability practices of their favorite brands. As consumers evolve, product marketers must keep a finger on the pulse of what's driving consumer behavior in order to rise above growing competition.

Canning on the Rise with Younger Generations, Suburban Areas

Canning is not just for rural grandparents anymore. Americans of all ages and areas are returning to their roots and canning to capture fresher, more affordable flavors. consumer-spend-insightsFifty-five percent of American home cooks plan to can this year, and of those, nearly 97% will be canning more than previous years, according to a recent survey of its community by Allrecipes​.com.

New Study Looks at What Motivates Consumers to Choose Sustainable Food & Beverages

Market research firms Packaged Facts and The Hartman Group have joined forces in a collaborative partnership that will result in a series of four reports each consumer-spend-insightsdeciphering the attitudes and behaviors of sustainable goods consumers in relation to specific consumer products. “Consumers and Sustainability: Food and Beverage” is the first market study published in the four-part series.

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