Author: Courtney Huckabay

Tout Health Benefits of Sleep to Better Sleep Seekers

Lack of sleep could be taking a serious toll on Americans' mental and physical health. Sleep centers and mattress stores can educate consumers on the ramifications of bad sleep and loss of sleep to drive traffic. Sleep deprivation has been linked to everything from chronic health conditions to barely-there libido and strained relationships.

Bricks-and-Mortar Stores Should Be Marketing Their Mobile Apps

"Any all-digital business can benefit from adding an app to the marketing mix," Nabeena Mali writes for AppInstitute. "But bricks-and-sticks businesses can enjoy equal – even greater – gains. With tech ever-advancing and developers getting ever more creative, this list barely scratches the surface."

Living Lavishly Outdoors with 2018 Trends

As many families prepare to ramp up their time spent outside, it can be helpful to keep the latest trends in mind while planning for outdoor living spaces. According to research from the International Casual Furnishings Association, many people use outdoor rooms for things they can do indoors – from using cellphones for calls and games to working on computers, watching TV, eating, exercising and, of course, relaxing.

Milestone Birthdays Are Cause for Blowout Bashes in 2018 Party Trends

Pinterest analysts are seeing twists on traditional celebrations in what Pinners are Pinning. "Pinners are big-time planners. They’re three times more likely to plan an event, and use Pinterest to find easy ideas and new twists on the traditional, for both everyday celebrations and major milestones," according to Pinterest's press release on the top 100 trends.

How to Slay All Day at Public Speaking

Did you set a goal to do more public speaking in 2018? Is your job forcing you into more presentations than you're comfortable doing? Is your lack of speaking to groups standing in the way of a promotion or your prospects for moving up the ladder? The thing about a fear of public speaking is that everyone has it! Yes, it's true. Just hear me out!

Pickups Going Luxe: Luxury Shoppers Considering Full-Size Trucks

Jumpstart Automotive Media, a leading media, insights, and marketing solutions company, today released its February shopper interest data results, showing how much luxury-oriented consumers are now cross-shopping full-size pickup trucks. In February, the full-size pickup truck segment climbed four spots from last year and now represents the third most-shopped segment, the highest it’s ever been according to Jumpstart.

Sell Smarter 03: Smarter LinkedIn Lead Generation

LinkedIn can be a great LEAD resource for sales reps; they just have to know how to USE IT efficiently. Episode 03 of the Sell Smarter Video Podcast provides tipadvice to help make finding leads a much less DAUNTING task and how to boost your response rates when you reach out to them.

5 Reasons Gardening Is Good for Your Health

"Gardening can boost your productivity and creativity right away, and may even reduce your risk of developing dementia later in life," Heather Hausenblas writes. U.S. News & World Report gives five reasons getting out in the dirt can improve one's health.

Local Festivals Are Going Digital

One of the trends in local events the bloggers at Eventbrite see for 2018 is advanced event technology. The best event technology will make the attendee experience seamless — and make the event a must-attend. Here are the top two tech trends you can’t ignore in 2018:

Baby Boomers Devote the Largest Percentage of Their Spending to Local Sporting Events

Which generation spends the most on community leisure? White Hutchinson thought it might be beneficial to analyze which generation spends the largest share of their spending, and which generation spends the most per household member at different community leisure venues. Here are the results for spending in 2016.

QSRs Look to Value Meals and New Menu Items to Drive Customer Traffic

With restaurant traffic stuck between a 1 percent increase and flat for several years now, U.S. restaurant chains are turning to value deals, new menu items, or optimizing menus to focus on high performing items in order to drive more customer traffic, according to The NPD Group. Total U.S. restaurant traffic ended 2017 flat and had it not been for a 1 percent increase in quick service restaurant visits, an increase primarily driven by chains, traffic would have declined, reports NPD, which continually tracks the foodservice industry.

How to Develop Your Sales Managers Before Developing Your Sales Strategy

The Sales Experts Channel put together a panel of thought leaders to talk about developing sales managers. Here are a few highlights from the 45-minute webinar. Definitely tune in to the recording for even more insights!

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