Author: Deb Calvert

Why Leaders’ Actions Overshadow Intentions

Throughout our lives, in every relationship and situation, people will judge what they see us doing no matter what it was that we intended or meant to do. In leadership, your credibility rides on this. Actions overshadow intentions.

Seller Differentiation Is the New Competitive Differentiation

Even if you represent a strong brand and product, you may need to work on seller differentiation in order to be positioned favorably in the buyer’s mind.

Leaders Should Encourage Learning Opportunities

Leaders understand that learning encourages others. So they provide learning opportunities. They set expectations for learning and create learning cultures.

Communication Skills in Leadership When You Can’t be Face to Face

Worldwide, there are now more than one billion people who primarily work remotely. They work on the road, in home offices, and in satellite offices. Fostering communication skills in leadership long-distance like this can be hard.

The Right and Wrong Way to Motivate a Team

Managers talk a lot about how to motivate a team. Sales managers motivate, or so they think, with financial incentives and contests.

5 Ways You Can Be More Effective

I’m not talking in this post about intelligence, imagination, experience, past achievement, hard work, wealth, popularity or good luck. Those are all nice to have. But none of them – not even all of them – ensures that you will be effective in what you set out to do.

Leadership Super Powers: Active Listening Plus Learning Agility

There are two leadership super powers no manager, influencer or high achiever can succeed without.

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