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Do you have sales knowledge, or THE sales knowledge?

Got the knowledge? While you may not be studying for 3 to 5 years before you step foot into your role, you do need lots of knowledge…

“Help! I’m in a sales rut and I can’t get out!”" rel="bookmark"> Help! I’m in a sales rut and I can’t get out!”

I was working with a sales team when a couple of the salespeople were complaining they were in a rut. In a rut, is another way of saying, “I’m not making enough sales,” with some other excuse attached to it. A rut, I said, is all in your head.

13 Ways to Win your Sports Game and your Sales Game

I’m getting my stroke back. This week I am in South Carolina on a self-imposed writing retreat. While most of my day is spent writing, I decided to take this time away to get back to my favorite sport…tennis.

Thinking about Thinking

What are you thinking about most of the time? How often are you thinking strategically about your business, your sales, your clients, your future?

Sell is a Four Letter Word

Many people in sales want to believe they help the client. Well, here’s a secret — the best salespeople are helpers. The best salespeople care and are genuine.

Small Details — the BIG Key to Sales

Don’t you hate when a server looks like they’re paying attention, but then they deliver the completely wrong order? It’s the same in sales. What are you delivering?

7 Tips for Interviewing Sales Reps

Hiring new sales reps is a perennially difficult task. After all, salespeople are “people” people, good at making others feel engaged and energized. None of this means the candidate who’s just schmoozed you has the drive, grit, tact, intelligence, or discipline to be a top producer for your company in the long term. Nor does

Communication — the sales skill that can make or break your sale

How do you communicate? How do you know if your communication is helping you get what you want or hurting you?

The Fine Line Between FOCUS and FOCUS IN

REALITY: You can’t stop a storm or change the weather, or affect the outcome of your favorite TV sitcom. Rather than focus on what you can’t do, or the things going on around you – politics, the weather, traffic, or even your competition, focus on the one person who can make the biggest difference in YOUR world and your sales world: YOU.

Where’s my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

Everyone's looking for a happy ending. What people don't understand is, if there's not a happy beginning, there's never going to be a happy ending.

Attitude, your attitude…

Attitude, your attitude, affects everything you do and every accomplishment you achieve, or don’t achieve.

Inspiration is the key to action and achievement

I’m inspired about what sets Paris apart from other cities. What makes it set the standard for other cities. Think about what inspires you? Think about what sets you apart?

Think about what standards are you setting?

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