Author: Jessica Helinski

What You SHOULDN'T Say During Cold Calls

Cold calls are a gamble–if you play your cards right, you’ll hang up with more knowledge than when you called and, perhaps, a strong new lead to explore further.

Do You Practice These Good Listening Habits?

Most salespeople think they they are good listeners–who would want to admit otherwise? Unfortunately, not all are as good as they think.

How to Improve Your Professionalism

Salespeople, regardless of experience and expertise, likely won’t get far without professionalism.

Tips for Staying Productive on Business Trips

Whether you view business trips as a fun change of scenery or a necessary drudgery, these getaways offer plenty of opportunities to be productive.

The Ultimate Outline for Making Cold Calls

Do you feel like you’ve mastered cold calling? Or, do you find yourself still struggling to find comfort (and success) with this sales technique?

How 5 Words Can Help You Win Customer 3.0

The customer is evolving, and salespeople must adapt and evolve their own strategies to keep up. Due to the growing nature of client demands, salespeople should strive to be on the same page as their prospects and clients.

Is Your Sales Funnel Just "Good Enough?"

A survey revealed that while most salespeople believe their sales funnel is “good enough,” they are struggling with closing sales in their prospected time frame–which signals a breakdown in their funnel management and pipeline review process.

Five Questions That Can Move The Sale Forward

According to Geoffrey James, contributing editor to Inc., the key to landing a sale could be as simple as asking five little questions.

Are Your Client Success Stories Full of "Lifeless Facts"?

Success stories from clients are a fantastic way to attract new business. They can reveal the effectiveness of your product or service while putting prospects' minds at ease by touting your credibility and professionalism.

A Few "Unusual" Tips for Increased Productivity

Are you struggling to get things done? If so, you may be interested in some productivity “hacks” suggested in a recent post by author and leadership expert Kevin Eikenberry.

How to Handle Workplace Criticism Like A Professional

Criticism can be a tough pill to swallow, especially in the workplace. Additionally, salespeople tend to be confident folks for whom negative feedback can be particularly tough to hear. But, it’s unrealistic to think that everything you do will be perfect and you’ll do your job without any mistakes.

Try These Psychological "Tricks" To Win Social Situations

Are you looking for little ways to get in good with a prospect, make yourself at ease before a presentation, or avoid angry confrontations?

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