Author: Kathy Crosett

Hot 100 List — Happy New Year

If you're ready to face 2009 with a fresh attitude and new ways to approach clients, check out Internet Retailer's Hot 100 List. The businesses appearing on this list have distinguished themselves by interacting with customers in unique and innovative ways.

Growth Market Expected for At-Home Entertainment Providers

Consumers plan to spend more time at home with the various forms of entertainment they've invested in over the past few years. Everything from video game systems to computers to wide screen TVs has digital parts and some items have network capability.

2009 Growth Industry: Aquaculture

Fresh water fisheries and marine ‘farms' currently supply over 50% of the fish consumed in the US.

Internal Audit's New Role

According to a new Ernst and Young study, the internal audit function is also expanding into a new role: business improvement.

Marketing Client Beverages to Hotels, Banquets and Catering Services

While hotels may be experiencing declines in occupancy rates because of a slowdown in business travel, many establishments are trying to increase revenues with other services. In particular, hotel operators can increase sales by selling more alcohol-based beverages.

Equipment Rental Companies Now Marketing Job Site Heat

Commercial and residential contractors who find themselves lucky enough to keep their crews fully employed this winter won’t want to let adverse weather conditions shut down the job site.

Use New CDC Data to Improve Health Care Client Marketing

The National Cancer Institute's annual report on cancer contains plenty of encouraging news — overall incidence and death rates of cancer are declining. However, striking regional differences in the incidence and death rates of lung cancer exist.

Will 2009 be the Year of the Electric Vehicle?

One way that automakers may try to reinvent themselves in the near future is through electric-vehicle manufacturing. President-elect Obama has indicated his interest in seeing manufacturers produce up to 1 million plug-in vehicles during the next two years.

2009 TV Technology Will Require New Marketing

Now that flat-panel TVs have become mainstream commodities, manufacturers are working on the next must-have technology upgrades. Here's a list of what's in store for 2009 and beyond:

Keeping Food Clients Up to Date with Flavor Forecasts

Whether consumers stay home or go to a restaurant, they'll still have to eat in 2009. Food companies and restaurants can sell more by marketing the latest flavor trends. Food processing giant McCormick predicts that three general trends will flavor menus in 2009:

Niche Colleges Need Marketing Expertise

Many colleges and universities may begin to feel the squeeze of lower enrollment figures in the next couple of years as student loans prove harder to come by and as the demographic bulge eases.

Educational Campaigns Needed to Boost Prepaid Mobile Phone Use

As the new year approaches, consumers will be looking for additional ways to cut their expenses. While they may suspend purchasing specific goods or services, they may also switch to less expensive options. This activity could mean more opportunity for your agency if you can convince your clients to market the less expensive alternatives.

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