Author: Kathy Crosett

Demographics of Book Buying

The latest figures from the US Census Bureau’s Statistical Abstract indicate that the average consumer unit spends $126 annually on reading material. This represents a steady decline from 1995 when the amount spent was $165 annually. Who is most likely to purchase books and how should publishers target this demographic? The results of a recent Harris Interactive poll sheds light on who is most likely to purchase more than 10 books a year:

Marketing Medical Services to Overweight Consumers

About 1/3 of US adult consumers are obese and many of these consumers suffer from back pain, migraines and sleep problems. These consumers respond at a slightly higher rate than non-obese consumers to marketing by health care services such as physicians and hospitals. Is one form of marketing more effective than another?

A Snapshot of Teen Spending

The current economic belt tightening has extended to even the most fickle of consumers, teens. And a recent Wall Street Journal report indicates that summer employment for teens may be scarce this year. But your clients can still target this demographic if you arm them with the right information.

Rating In-Store Marketing Programs

Many marketers have determined that capturing consumer attention in the store makes the difference when in comes to purchase decisions. But not all in-store marketing programs are created equal. “Shopper marketing”, the new term for in-store promotion, now claims 8% of ad budgets.

Venture Capital Trends 2008

The economy may be having a rough time and total venture capital investment may be down, but deals are still getting done. Here’s where some of the industry professionals intend to make investments in 2008:

Are Independents the Hot New Party?

Leading research firms indicate that the Independent party gains could result in Republican party losses when voters go to the polls later this year. Here are the latest statistics on party affiliation:

New Reasons for Landscape and Lawn Care Companies to Advertise

Consumers increasingly are finding that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Statistics from a recent Consumer Reports study shows that now may be the best time to encourage lawn care companies to market their services.

Opportunities for Health Care Marketing

Health care promises to be one of the hot topics in this year’s national elections. You can help your health-care related clients attract more business by marketing the types of products and services in demand. Here are a few key indicators from Deloitte’s 2008 Survey of Health Care Consumers:

No Recession in Pet Care

Did you know that 1/3 of US households have a resident child but 2/3’s have a pet? Perhaps this statistic explains the size of the pet care industry: $ 39 billion in 2007.

The Growth Market in Femtocells

Product designers have been hard at work solving the problem of poor reception when consumers use mobile phones at home. Look for a new piece of hardware, a femtocell, to be marketed this year.

Online Purchase Metrics

It’s been widely reported that online sales are projected to grow 17% in 2008. But not all products will enjoy those growth rates. Here’s a short list of the top selling categories, percentage of online retail sales and average purchase amount in February 2008 per Nielsen Online:

Matching Curriculums with Workplace Demand Means More Marketing Opportunity

A new report from The Conference Board, Americans for the Arts and the American Association of School Administrators

shows a disconnect between what employers value and training programs being offered by schools. This disconnect is especially large when it comes to communications skills and creative thinking.

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