Author: LizWendling

Show Me The Value!

Your value is infinitely more important than your price. To separate yourself from competitive options, you must establish an environment in which your prospect can clearly see the value and expertise that you provide.

Selling Without Selling is NOT Possible

The biggest business-destroying, money-depleting lie that professionals believe is that they can sell without selling. Selling without selling is NOT possible.

The Key to Closing Business With Social Media

The key to closing more business using social media is knowing HOW to close the business. What happens when your social media starts to work?

Go-Getter or Master Procrastinator?

In all aspects of life — personal achievement, relationships, business or health — it’s the go-getters who ultimately will triumph. Successful people at the top of every profession typically share one quality — they get things done.

Stop The Mindless Email Prospecting

A thoughtful email prospecting plan is an effective way to attract clients and close more sales. Bad email prospecting will result in a complete waste of time, money and effort.

Size Does Matter.…In Sales

Size matters! There’s no room for a big ego in the sales process.

How is Your Sales Mojo

One of the most common questions asked of me by salespeople and business owners is, “Can you help me to get and stay motivated?”

Erase the "I can't afford it" objection

Objections are a natural part of the selling process, and they pop up for many reasons. Objections can happen in all stages of the process and are often nothing more than problems to be solved.

Do You Have The Sales Trust Factor?

Trust me! I cringe when I hear a professional or salesperson use that offensive phrase. My guard goes up. My intuition kicks in and says, "Danger. danger, pay attention!  If you have to tell me to trust you, I won’t." Trust levels plummet when professionals use that term. Another cringe-worthy offender I should mention is

Stop Playing the Sales Chasing Game

"Just send me some information" is a trap. Don't take the bait! One of the biggest objections heard around the world is “Can you send me some information?” It pops up early and often. What do you do now?

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