Author: Rachel Cagle

Restaurants and Food Retailers to Promote Diet Offerings

"According to OpenTable data, consumers are moving toward more health-conscious food preferences, reports Progressive Grocer. Alternative diets are also on the rise compared with 2017, with 'keto' mentioned a whopping 683% more in reviews and “plant-based” mentions increasing by 136%."

Retailers to Promote Buy Online, Pick-Up In-Store Services

"25% of online shoppers plan to use a smartphone to shop online this holiday season, according to a recent survey from The NPD Group. Just two years ago, 19% of shoppers reported doing so, says Retail Dive."

The Dos and Don'ts of Follow-Up Sales Calls

Five seconds is all it takes for a prospect to make up their mind during a follow-up sales call. And, according to research in Meg Prater’s HubSpot article, you may not be filling those seconds with what it takes to land a sales meeting.

51% of Consumers Plan to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

"NRF has surveyed consumers about how they plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day annually for over a decade. Take a deeper dive into the data from the last 10 years."

Quick-Service Restaurants to Promote Offerings to Customers with Dietary Restrictions

"HFN reports that, when it comes to their meals, Americans want convenience, plant-based alternatives and sustainable options, shifting away from traditional meal patterns, according to new reports from NPD and FreshDirect. More and more those foods are influenced by ethnicity, age and generational groups and health/social consciousness, NPD’s Eating Patterns in America report found."

Restaurants to Promote Experience over Convenience

While Americans are addicted to the convenience that mobile devices offer, new research from Vixxo suggests that more consumers prefer to slow down and enjoy the in-restaurant dining experience over online ordering and delivery services.

Drug Stores to Fulfill Increasing Demand for Private-Label Products

"Based on the level of innovation seen in private-label health and beauty care and general merchandise, it is clear that retailers and suppliers are not just striving to meet consumer expectations, but are looking to surpass them, says Drug Store News."

58% of Consumers Open Emails with This Content in the Subject Line

Love them or hate them, emojis are commonplace now. But they’re unprofessional, right? Shouldn’t they remain in the messages in your personal life where they belong?

Rachel Cagle December 30, 2019 Media + Marketing

Retailers to Promote Safety Against Hackers

"Consumers are looking for the best deals on fashion items, electronics, and more, but not always from reputable sellers. Online brand protection software provider Incopro, in partnership with Sapio Research, conducted a survey with 1,059 U.S. respondents in October 2019 to understand how consumers are influenced online, and whether they know — or care — that they are being tricked."

Are Your Clients Acting on This Crucial Aspect of SEM?

Chances are, your clients are already using search engine marketing (SEM). But, they may not be utilizing SEM to the best of its abilities. What could they be doing better?

Rachel Cagle December 26, 2019 Media + Marketing

Grocery Stores to Promote Offerings to 59% of Adults Who Prefer Snacking to Meals

"Everyone loves a good snack now and then, but a new survey by Mondelez International proves that snacking is a lot more important to our culture than we might think, reports AdWeek."

Why You Should Covet Out-of-Office Email Messages

Do you get disappointed when you email a prospect and get an out-of-office message in return? Those messages are full of useful information, as Matt Benati points out in a recent HubSpot article.

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