Author: Rachel Cagle

Easy Returns can Boost Online Clothing Sales

"52% of consumers have abandoned an online purchase out of fear of a difficult return process, reports Chain Store Age."

The New Role for Agencies in 2020

There are four big categories of marketing spend (media, labor, agency and marketing technology) and every one of them experienced change last year.

Rachel Cagle January 10, 2020 Media + Marketing

55% of Consumers Plan to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

"NRF has surveyed consumers about how they plan to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day annually for over a decade. Take a deeper dive into the data from the last 10 years."

Unclutter Your Email Inbox to Increase Sales

Your base of operations for sales is probably your email inbox, right? If it’s cluttered by the dozens to hundreds of emails you receive every day, it’s more likely that you’ll either overlook or accidentally delete an email that could lead to a sale.

Pet Stores to Promote Cold Weather Products for Dogs

Winter weather is here, and the colder temperatures mean hazardous conditions that can be dangerous for your pet. Dr. Jennifer Freeman, PetSmart's resident veterinarian and pet care expert, shares her top winter safety tips to keep your pets happy and healthy this season.

Your Clients Could be Using the Wrong Voice Search Keywords

Voice search keywords are crucial to your clients. Many, possibly you included, believe that voice search could be well on its way to becoming the most popular method to conduct searches via mobile device.

69% of Americans Consider Used Vehicles While Shopping

69% of Americans would be likely to consider a used vehicle for their next auto purchase, according to a survey from Ally Financial conducted online by The Harris Poll among more than 2,000 American adults.

Sell Smarter - Episode 25 - Best Email Times

Sell Smarter — Episode 25 — Best Email Times

Do you know the best time to send an email to an important prospect? The answer may surprise you. I'm Audrey Strong and this is Sell Smarter.

Marketers are Spending More on Online Display than TV

For the first time, according to WARC’s Television in the U.S. report, in 2019, marketers spent the same percentage of their advertising budget (27.6%) on online display as they did on television.

Restaurants and Food Retailers to Promote Diet Offerings

"According to OpenTable data, consumers are moving toward more health-conscious food preferences, reports Progressive Grocer. Alternative diets are also on the rise compared with 2017, with 'keto' mentioned a whopping 683% more in reviews and “plant-based” mentions increasing by 136%."

Retailers to Promote Buy Online, Pick-Up In-Store Services

"25% of online shoppers plan to use a smartphone to shop online this holiday season, according to a recent survey from The NPD Group. Just two years ago, 19% of shoppers reported doing so, says Retail Dive."

The Dos and Don'ts of Follow-Up Sales Calls

Five seconds is all it takes for a prospect to make up their mind during a follow-up sales call. And, according to research in Meg Prater’s HubSpot article, you may not be filling those seconds with what it takes to land a sales meeting.

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