Author: Rachel Cagle


4 Ways to Master the Realm of B‑to‑B Customer Service

How you approach and interact with your clients plays just as big of a part in making a sale as what you are actually trying to sell does. Are you making this count?

How to Put Your Best Foot Forward Without Saying a Word

We all know the basics of professional body language; smile, have a firm handshake, but what else can you do to put your best foot forward without even speaking?


Keeping the 71% of Clients Who Are Ready for Change

Did you know that, according to Gallup research, 71% of B‑to‑B customers are prepared to change business relations?


How High is this Pivotal Part of Sales on Your Priority List?

Did you know that existing customers are 60% – 70% more likely to buy what you are selling than a potential client is?

Preventing a Downward Spiral After a Longstanding Client Leaves

The loss of a long-standing client in B‑to‑B sales is never a good thing either, but the way you manage it right off the bat can stop a bad situation from getting even worse.

The Crucial Part of Sales You're Probably Forgetting

It’s important for salespeople to be prepared to not only sell what you have to offer, but also to take the time to address the internal worries of your client.

The One Thing Most Salespeople Overlook

The foundation that your team needs to build on in order to be truly successful at retaining your clients is dependent on one simple task.

4 Quick Tips to Retain Your Best Clients

In a world that is fixated on progress, people often forget that, in order to grow, you need to focus on what you already have.

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