Author: Shannon Bryant

Even in the Digital Age, Teens Rely On Mom and Dad for Health Advice

According to a new study by Scarborough Research, Mom and Dad are the leading sources for health advice; 63% of teens said that when they have questions about health and nutrition, they go to their parents/guardians for information. One half (50%) turn to the Internet. With regard to their role as future consumers, teens value an informative product website when making decisions about purchasing health related products such as vitamins or nutritional supplements. Fifty-six percent of teens indicated "informative websites" were very or somewhat important to their purchase decision.

Consumer Brand Loyalty on the Decline, Convenience Store Offerings Influence Gas Purchase Decisions

Generational differences have contributed to a steady decline in consumer brand loyalty when purchasing gasoline, according to a new survey by The NPD Group. Consumers over 65 have always been more likely to limit brand choice to only one brand, while younger consumers historically have been more willing to shop around. Compared to overall brand loyalty, the 30-to-44 age group is now the most likely group to try multiple brands among those who have purchased a major brand. While quality and performance always will be important to the gasoline purchase decision, younger consumers who report loyalty to a single fuel brand also report their brand choice is more likely to be driven by the convenience store offering where they buy gas.

U.S. Beer Industry Posts Third Consecutive Year of Increases

The beer industry posted its third consecutive year of increased volume last year climbing 0.5%. Light beers' popularity hasn't waned — it has grown to become the largest beer segment controlling more than half of the beer market. Consumers continue to consume more light/low-carbohydrate beer offerings. Light is forecast to grow 2.0% on an annual compound growth rate over the next five years. Ice and popular segments have also gained volume. These categories benefited from consumers trading down in the recessionary environment.

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