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Boost Agency Buzz with Viral Marketing

Viral marketing can be a powerful new business development tool for advertising agencies.

Should You Discount?

It’s likely, given today’s economic climate, that at least one client may ask for a discount on services. How should you respond without devaluing your agency’s services?

Show Your Clients the Love

While you may be spending February 14th showing your significant other how much you love and appreciate him or her, have you taken the time to show your feelings of appreciation to your clients?

Ad Industry Hit Hard By Job Losses

December 2008 saw a huge cut in ad industry jobs: 18,700 jobs were cut in the month alone, bringing the industry total to 65,100 during this current recession.

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Present Like the Pros

Last month, two big tech events took place: Macworld and the Consumer Electronics Show. Each show drew media attention, and the keynote speeches were analyzed, dissected, and reported through media outlets all over the world.

CMO Expections Not Always Met

A new study reveals that only 23% of chief marketers feel that their advertising agency exceeds their expectations for customer service, while 22% say their agencies need improvement when it comes to innovation.

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Entice Top Talent with New Propositions

This is a time of job upheaval for many Americans, not to mention for many employers too.

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Pay Attention

Whether making a cold call or leaving a voicemail for a client, make sure you’re giving it your full attention.

Think Twice Before Twittering

Social networking has allowed for people all over the world to connect. Updating a Facebook status or Twittering have become almost second nature to some, making it possible for every move to be tracked by anyone and everyone who goes online.

“Deep Listening” Can Boost Business

Marketing strategist Ardath Albee wants more businesses to listen to their clients and prospects. “Surface listening,” which is based solely on self-interested gains, just won’t cut it in 2009, and he urges companies to connect with clients on a deeper level.

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New Clients and Six Degrees of Separation

We’ve all heard of six degrees of separation. Business consultant Jennifer Capella takes this idea and applies it to the professional world in her article “Leveraging The Six Degrees of Separation.”

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CMOs Under Pressure

A recent survey revealed just how much pressure chief marketing officers are facing.

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