Bedding Sales Expected to Rise in 2011

The bedding industry is expected to enjoy modest growth in 2011, according to Furniture/Today's Consensus Bedding Forecast.  The forecast, developed with estimates from almost three dozen bedding producers, envisions unit growth this year of 3.2% with the dollar value of bedding shipments growing by 3.7%.

The Consensus Bedding Forecast is developed each year by Furniture/​Today from estimates supplied by producers. Sharing their estimates for the 2011 forecast were executives with most of the Top 15 bedding producers, as well as several Tier-​Two producers. Together, the producers participating in the survey account for more than 90% of U.S. bedding shipments.

Furniture/​Today developed its Consensus Bedding Forecast by combining the estimates from producers, then weighting the figures based on each producer's market share.

The producers offered a number of business insights as they shared their estimates of bedding business for 2011.

On the negative side of the ledger, they said economic worries, including a lackluster housing market and relatively high unemployment, remain troublesome. Also of concern, they said, is a business climate in which bedding gains are only achieved by heavy promotional efforts.

But the producers also see some positives taking shape this year. They expect business to improve as the year unfolds, and they say aggressive moves by retailers and manufacturers will pay dividends. There also is a school of thought holding that the specialty sleep segment, a premium product category, will spark overall gains at the upper end of the market.

[Source:  Perry, David.  "Consensus Bedding Forecast."  Furniture Today.  7 Feb. 2011.  Web.  9 Feb. 2011.]