February 3, 2020

New Streaming Services Target Consumers Looking for Variety

"Last year, the number of people worldwide who subscribe to a streaming service (613 million) surpassed the number of people who subscribe to cable television (556 million) for the first time, reports Survey Monkey. More than half of Americans now subscribe to at least one streaming service, and 60% of Americans stream video at least once a week."

January 28, 2020

Adult Day Care Centers to Alert Consumers to Risks of Loneliness

Immanuel Communities is shining a spotlight on the Loneliness Epidemic among seniors across America, and it is providing tips on how seniors can leave loneliness behind. Loneliness, which affects one in three aging adults, is a serious epidemic among seniors in the U.S. According to a National Poll on Healthy Aging, chronic loneliness can impact one's memory, physical well-being, mental health and life expectancy.

January 23, 2020

Airlines to Clarify Rules for Flying Pets

"If you thought it was complicated to fly with your pet, you’re right, says The Washington Post. Just like traveling with family members, it can be stressful and confusing to coordinate your flights together. For our furry friends, getting in the air is not as simple as buying a ticket and showing up to the airport, even if you’re only traveling within the country. There can be certificates to obtain, medicine to be prescribed and fees to pay."

January 22, 2020

Families More Likely to Buy SUVs Over Vans

The results of Cars.com's 2020 3‑Row SUV Challenge are in. "Today's large family vehicle of choice is the three-row SUV. Most families who seek a minivan alternative are increasingly moving toward purchasing them because they offer generous seating, spacious cargo areas and advanced features," said Jenni Newman, editor-in-chief of Cars​.com.