Breweries Should Cater to Loyal Fans as Craft Beers Gain Popularity

Beer drinkers younger than 35 have come of legal drinking age during a time when craft and craft-​style beers have become commonplace in the market. Yet, with another 1,200-plus breweries in planning, an already crowded landscape is at risk of becoming overpopulated. Even the most dominant craft and craft-​style brands could lose ground as consumers trade away to the latest beer releases. Thus, craft breweries should cultivate and cater to loyal fans who will stick with the brand regardless of competition. Craft beer

Consumers who were of legal drinking age in 2012 are most likely to report increased consumption of beer (14%), which includes 7% of respondents who are drinking more craft beer in 2013 compared to 2012.  Craft beers have found a way to appeal to 49% of Millennials and 40% of Gen Xers, but just 29% of Baby Boomers and 22% of Swing Generation/​World War II.  Hispanic consumers also turn to craft beer with 38% indicating that they consume craft beer at any time. But there’s room to grow since 58% of Hispanics aged 21+ report drinking domestic beer and 55% of Hispanics drink imported beer.

Liquor or package stores are the preferred outlet for craft beer purchases
Seventy-​three percent of craft beer drinkers say that they usually know what brand of beer they are going to buy before they go to the store.  However, one-​third of craft and imported beer consumers ask sales associates for advice and information when buying beer.  And forty-​five percent of craft beer drinkers indicate that they would try more craft beers if they knew more about them.

Other key factors:

  • Discovery of new beers is popular with 93% of imported beer drinkers, 88% of domestic fans, and 84% of craft beer consumers.
  • Eighty-​four percent of craft beer consumers like to choose their beer depending on the season.
  • Beer drinkers aged 36–47 are slightly less likely than consumers aged 21–35 to show a preference for the taste of craft beer.
  • Members of Generation X are more likely than their younger counterparts to indicate that imported beer and craft beer are a similar value.

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[Source:  Craft Beer study conducted by Mintel.  November 2012.  Web.  14 May 2013.]