Build Business Online

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With more marketers considering online tools to grow sales, your agency should consider how it's reaching out to prospects on the Internet. In his article, "4 Pointers for Building Relationships with Your Prospects Online" on RainToday, author and sales advisor Charles H. Green offers advice on how to build relationships, and get new business, using the Internet. While he covers issues such as maintaining a Web presence and blog commenting, he leads off his article discussing one of the most important aspects of building business online: The Web site. Likely, in the age of Googling, your agency's Web site will be one of the first introductions a prospect gets to your agency. Make sure it delivers! Pictures, services offered, bios-be sure it includes everything to both inform, and positively impact, a potential client. Green emphasizes that when it comes to the Internet, "less is not more-the web is great at removing the constraints of physical space." He emphasizes the importance of personalizing the site with stories and any other bits of information that may form a bond with a prospect. Remember — you never get a second chance to make a first impression, especially when it comes to your Web site.

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